Hotel Bargain Tips To Get the Best Price

Compare and Contrast

Whenever you plan to book a hotel, make sure you begin the process by visiting a website that offers hotel price comparison for b2b like These websites are good start look for a certain hotel or hotels in a particular destination and then compare it on various hotel booking websites to fetch the best possible deal for the dates you need the hotel. Besides best prices, you can also read user reviews and other useful information.

For those who are flexible about their destination and dates or if you are someone who is more of a random go getter, they can highly benefit from last minute deals or daily deals which can offer some amazing prices on hotels which may otherwise not really be affordable.

Flexibility in Prices

The price of a hotel room is never fixed and varies considerably all-round the year, sometimes even during the week. Hence, the key to have a better deal is flexibility. One can manage a steep discount of he or she decides to be flexible in their bookings. If you cannot be flexible on your dates, consider being flexible in the choice of hotels. Mostly Sunday and Monday nights tend to be quietest at the hotels, so try to book a room for these days and you will surely get a better price.

It is also suggested that you thoroughly read about the hotel you will be staying at. Check if it has the amenities you need the most to make your stay comfortable. Also remember to know about the type of clientele the hotel caters to. If it is a business hotel, it will be easier to bag a deal on weekends but if the hotel caters to tourists, you may get a better bargain on the weekdays.

You can also save huge money if you travel in off seasons, not just on hotel but flights too. So, check out the peak months of travel for the destination you are planning to visit and try to visit a month before or after that.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

While online hotel booking and travel management in India has made the online hotel booking process fairly convenient and hassle free, it is still not a bad idea to negotiate the hotel prices directly with the hotel. Many hotels will be happy to discuss and offer you the discounts and deals they may have. Remember to be polite in your conversation, though. Usually in the off season, the hotel will be happy to offer you a deal rather than let the room go vacant. Also remember, if you are booking your hotel online, be wary of the website that shows you unbelievably less price but charges you for other hidden charges.

It’s a good idea to try to negotiate a price with the hotel directly. If you ask politely enough, many hotels are open to discussion what discounts or deal they may have. This works especially when the business is slow (like in the off season). Some websites may give you a good deal but they may include hidden costs so it’s always a good idea to contact the hotel in any case.

With these money saving tips, you are sure to bag a great deal for your next hotel stay!


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