Booking hacks to score the cheapest hotels

If you are in a business where you need to travel frequently or have to book hotels for someone, you would know how tedious hotel bookings can turn out to be. It takes your considerable amount of time to search for the best possible hotel and then you have to compare the prices on various hotel booking portals. Unless you are registered with a corporate travel portal, it gets even more difficult to find a hotel that fits the bill for the particular needs of a business traveller. Here are some tips and hacks that can help you bag the cheapest hotel. EVERY.SINGLE. TIME.

Have a focussed research

Start with looking for hotels at your chosen destination and get an idea of hotel options in the zone, but refrain from depending entirely on them. Check the desired hotel for required amenities like free breakfast or Wi-Fi. You can also register on a website like where you can search for a hotel , compare it on various websites and book with the best available price. The website literally guarantees best possible price every time you book with them.

Negotiate your rate

If you are used to book the hotel from same website every time, then you must get creative. Select a top few choices of hotels and look out for best price across various portals.

Check out last-minute deals

Many websites take out last minute deals for hotels that have rooms vacant for certain days. The idea is that it is better to sell the room at a lesser margin than to let it go unsold.

Think outside the box

Hotels are not the only accommodation option you have, you can choose to live in an apartment, Bnb, hostels or Home Away. These can turn out to be some pretty great options for budget travellers.


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