Dreadlock Care & Maintenance Specialist on Target for Q3 2018

Dread Lab, a dreadlocks accessories specialist, has announced that they are on track to reach their targets in Q3 2018 with ease.

Dread Lab is a leading dreadlocks care and maintenance specialist company operating online from their base in Lincoln in the United Kingdom. This established company was started because quality dreadlocks products were exceptionally difficult to find in the UK. The company provides an extensive range at realistic prices that clients can count on.

This company offers the highest quality maintenance and care products for clients with dreadlocks. From beginners to those who have had their dreadlocks for years, will find the right products to meet their unique requirements. They offer the best prices, the best value for money products and an extensive range to choose from.

Dread Lab offers realistic prices, fast dispatch and delivery and a safe ordering solution on their website. They have partnered with top shipping partners and with their ****** suppliers offering excellent deals, they are able to share this with their own clients throughout the country. Dread Lab keeps ample stock of their full range to ensure all orders can be dispatched without delay.

The company has a small and dedicated team headed by Lloyd Matuszewsky, the owner. The team all share the same passion to provide clients with the best quality products to ensure the best dreadlock care and maintenance in the long run. Full information on the company and their extensive range can be found on their informative website.

Lloyd Matuszewsky, the owner at Dread Lab said, “We are on track to reach our targets with ease in the third quarter of this year. We have seen a rise in demand for our range of products and we experienced a very high demand in the first half of this year. We are now on track to exceed our third quarter targets and I can only anticipate that the rest of the year is going to remain on a steady incline. More people are finding the site a useful tool to secure top quality dreadlocks products, helping them grow their dreadlocks with ease and confidence.”

Dread Lab continues to grow as a leader in the dreadlocks industry in the United Kingdom and the company believes their experience, their passion, their range of quality products and their realistic prices are what have pushed them forward in the industry in 2018.

Dread Lab is a small business located in Lincoln in the United Kingdom that was started by Lloyd Matuszewskyj who struggled to find quality maintenance and care products to look after his growing dreadlocks. Over time he built up an excellent reputation with ****** suppliers and secured great prices which resulted in him opening Dread Lab and making these products available to all the other people in the country with dreadlocks. Today the site is overflowing with valuable information, a host of quality products and accessories. To find out more, visit https://www.dreadlab.co.uk

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