Dreadlocks Shampoo Specialist Excited About Future in 2018

Dread Lab, a dreadlocks shampoo specialist, has announced their excitement for 2018 and beyond.

Dread Lab is a leading dreadlock care and maintenance specialist company operating online and catering to clients throughout the Untied Kingdom. This established, Lincoln, United Kingdom based company is the brain child of Lloyd Matuszewsky, who found it almost impossible to find top quality products to care and maintain his dreadlocks.

Over the years Lloyd build up solid relationships with ****** suppliers around the world and he decided to share these products with others throughout the country, which is when he opened Dread Lab, making the website live and catering to clients on a daily basis. The company offers an extensive range of quality products, all hand selected to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards and the clients expectations.

Dread Lab comprises of a small and dedicated team who are passionate in sharing their products and knowledge with clients throughout the country. The team work hard behind the scenes, ensuring that they use their years of experience and wealth of product knowledge to provide clients with the valuable advice and assistance they need when making their selection.

This company offers a full range of products from shampoos and conditioners to lighteners, accessories and more. Full information can be found on their website which is overflowing with valuable information. The company has a proven track record for their realistic prices, fast dispatch and delivery solutions and their secure online ordering system, which enables clients to place their order with a few simple clicks of the computer mouse.

Lloyd Matuszewsky, the Owner of Dread Lab, said during a recent interview, “When I first grew my dreadlocks I really struggled to find good quality products to maintain and care for my dreads. Simple things like lighteners and dry shampoos for the dreadlocks early stages were need impossible to find. So I started ordering from other countries online and waiting for the products to arrive. Over the years I have developed lasting relationships with my overseas suppliers, enabling me to keep ample stock of the full range and providing my clients with the convenience of being able to buy the best quality products right here in the UK. With the rise in demand for our product range, I am exceptionally excited about the future of the dreadlock industry in the UK this year.”

Dread Labs continues to grow in leaps and bounds as the leading choice for dreadlocks shampoo in 2018.

Dread Lab is a small business located in Lincoln in the United Kingdom that was started by Lloyd Matuszewskyj who struggled to find quality maintenance and care products to look after his growing dreadlocks. Over time he built up an excellent reputation with ****** suppliers and secured great prices which resulted in him opening Dread Lab and making these products available to all the other people in the country with dreadlocks. Today the site is overflowing with valuable information, a host of quality products and accessories. To find out more, visit https://www.dreadlab.co.uk

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