UK based kiln dried logs supplier offers environmentally sound, longer lasting firewood that meets Europe standards

For immediate release – 10.01.2018

UK based kiln dried logs supplier offers environmentally sound, longer lasting firewood that meets Europe standards

Ideal kiln dried wood fuel for all open fires, wood burners, and stoves

Supplying quality kiln dried hardwoods for residential and commercial customers Buy Firewood Direct are raising the bar for better burning fuel in Britain. Supplying varying woods including kiln dried mixed hardwood firewood, kiln dried ash oak logs and kiln dried birch logs the company has taken the unprecedented step in following European counterparts in eco-friendly firewood production. Firewood Logs for sale online is daily bases and offers made inclusive home delivery service.

The increased uptake of wood burning and stove heating systems in recent years has, as result, called for a more sustainable log supply chain. Yet despite being encouraged to produce more environmentally friendly fuel sources many suppliers have made little effort to do so.


Enter Buy Firewood Direct who responsibly supply firewood products that pose much less risk to the environment than that of any normal UK standards. Kiln dried logs for sale are carefully hand stacked onto the pallet, 5 side shrink wrapped to guaranty safe pallet delivery.

Offering hardwood logs that are produced by the same methods used in Germany and Scandinavia, strict limits are placed on emissions in their materials production process.

That means all wood sold by Buy Firewood Direct are produced with very low moisture content – that can be as low as 10%. The result? Longer lasting, better burning wood that stores well and gives consistent results for the company’s growing base of customers.

The company also ensures its supply chain sources remain sustainable at all times – ultimately making their hardwood the fundamental choice for a cleaner, fire fuelled future.

Company Buy Firewood Direct – who supply retail and wholesale markets – have built up a reputation for producing and supplying only the very best kiln dried woods.

To find out more about the most efficient kiln dried hardwoods on the UK market contact Buy Firewood Direct today



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