How long do you need in Pokhara?

Pokhara is one For a few weeks but just as easily stay In a couple of days. We remained here 12 days which was perfect. It gave us time to enjoy the outside, yet nevertheless, relax and revel in the slower pace coming from Kathmandu. We’d suggest a minimum of 5 times to take advantage of everything on offer, not including any treks (include 4 to 22+ times on for that).


All accommodation is located in Lakeside, near Phewa Lake. There are guest houses every which way you look and it could be overwhelming to select. To help you out, we’ve listed some that we remained at and looked at. Our #1 choice would be Harvest Moon Guest House (based on a backpacker budget). And the staff are worth the walk.


At most guest homes the cost for a Basic double room is $14-$20 USD (including breakfast). There are hotels with dorm rooms for as low as $5 and hotels with rooms upwards of $100 USD.


  • Harvest Moon Guest House (view from rooftop shown previously )


  • Silver Oaks Inn


  • Mountain House


View All Hotels in Pokhara


Indulge in Some of these Restaurants


We definitely ate our way of Restaurants at Pokhara. There are so many. Main meals range from 200 NPR into 900 NPR to get a decent meal ($2- 9 USD).


Below are some favorites.


  • OR2K — Also located in Kathmandu, OR2K is perhaps among the most well-known restaurants in these 2 cities. 100% vegetarian, they have pasta, excellent salads, juices, and breakfasts. To top it off, You’ve Got one of the nicest views of the lake (shown above)


  • Chicken and Falafel — Delicious chicken/falafel wraps/bowls! We wished we found. For only 235 NPR ($2.35 USD) you can have a tasty easy meal. It turned into our go-to.


  • Because of popularity, it is more expensive than the restaurants.


  • Rosemary’s Kitchen — Beautiful backyard with well-plated dishes and reasonable costs.


  • Olive Cafe — Good breakfasts and fine staff.


  • Busy Bee’s — A gastropub with pool tables, foosball tables along with a classic pub menu.


  • Metro — Holy smokes, the best crepe we have ever had… maybe even better than France! :O.


  • Fun staff and also a 2 for 1 happy hour!


Top Things to perform In Pokhara


Pokhara has Options for activities. It is impossible to be bored in this city that is. Trekking is that the most common action, but there are plenty of others to help keep you occupied such as day adrenaline, adrenaline rush activities or simply relaxing by the lake.


Things to do:

  • Seeing sunrise or sunset from Sarangkot Hill.
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paragliding
  • Parahawking — Notice: Doesn’t start until October 15th.
  • Boat Rentals — 415 NRP ($4 USD) for a single hour.
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Enjoy a day in Jiva Spa
  • Movie Garden


Notice:- Without a doubt, We’d have loved to do Each of these but there is that 1 thing known as a budget. Make do with what you can!

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