Animal Parasiticides Market ****** Demand Analysis and Opportunity up to 2025

23th November 2018: ****** Animal Parasiticides demand is expected to witness a steady growth mainly on account of increasing adoption of pet companion and increasing awareness on animal healthcare. Parasites are organisms that depend on other organisms for their growth. They hamper the growth of the host by extracting its nutrients. These parasiticides are veterinary medicines either used to kill these parasites or keep them away. There has been a significant improvement in the livestock health on account of the use of parasiticides. The veterinary pharmaceuticals have helped in transforming the health of animal companions and livestock cattle.  Increasing pet adoption is the major factor driving the ****** animal parasiticides market. Pets are kept by people for their company and protection. Pet have been known to heal psychological troubles. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses are some of the popular mammals domesticated for a human environment. These pets are vulnerable to parasites which result in their malnourished growth. Increasing government initiatives coupled with animal welfare societies have been educating the pet guardians regarding veterinary health care. Moreover, some parasites are a threat to the life of humans as well.

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Increasing consumption of milk and milk products have resulted in propelling the parasiticides demand. These products have helped in raising the milk yield and maintaining the health of cattle. Further, these substances have been known to improve the quality of milk. Parasites are capable of quickly spreading among the entire cattle livestock and therefore it becomes necessary to take immediate remedies for its prevention and treatment.  Growing meat industry is another factor driving the overall growth of these parasiticides market. Modern techniques used in animal husbandry in order to obtain high-quality meat I expected to fuel the market over the forecast period. Government regulations with respect to cattle breeding for meat production are anticipated to further offer bright prospects for the industry growth. Increasing consumer demand for high nutrient meat has resulted in eradication of these parasites which are known to reduce the nutrient content. Further, increasing awareness associated with meat safety for human consumption has resulted in the implementation of parasiticides treatment in animal husbandry.

The resistance offered by parasites over the period of time is the biggest challenge faced by the manufacturers. Going by the Darwin’s theory of evolution, parasites have shown resistance to chemicals which once upon a time were quite effective. Human health effects associated with this chemical usage is expected to pull the market down over the forecast period. Exposure to these products is known to cause irritation and breathing problems.  Increasing government initiatives to prevent the extinction of certain species of animals provide bright opportunities for the industry growth in near future. Establishment of wildlife sanctuaries has significantly contributed to the tourism industry which in turn has demanded proper nurturing of animals. Development of veterinary science for wildlife is expected to provide new horizons for the industry growth in near future.  Some parasites are known to be disease carriers which result in large scale epidemic. Controlling cattle disease has been a major challenge for the animal breeding industry. These diseases have severely affected the poultry industry. Usage of parasiticides in an attempt to prevent the spread of diseases is anticipated to provide good opportunities in near future.

Asia-Pacific is expected to witness a steady growth mainly on account of meat consumption. Emerging economies including India, China, and South Korea are expected to witness a high growth owing to the increasing consumption of milk and meat. South America and Africa is expected to witness a slow growth mainly on account of lack of awareness of the farmers and insufficient government initiatives.  Key players operating in the animal parasiticides market include Bayer, Boehringer Ingelhim, Sanofi, Merck and Co, Novartis, Ceva Santa Animale, Elli Lilly company, Vetoquinol, Zoetis and Virbac. 

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