Quartz Tubing Market Analysis of Sales, Revenue, Share and Growth Rate to 2025

23th November 2018: A quartz tubing furnace is essentially electrical heating equipment which utilized for material research. Wafer sintering, powder baking, annealing and ceramic research are various examples of quartz tubing. The length of various quartz tubes various significantly. This size varies from 1 inch to 13 inches. For controlling temperature is monitored by the thermocouple. This temperature controlling process eventually enables the operators to automate the cooling rate, dwelling, and heating processes. Manufacturers are focusing on developing various types of fused quartz tube with various characteristics. For instance, the most commonly used quartz tubes are developed with 99.9% SiO2. Temperature threshold is an essential factor considered while the manufacturing of these tubes. The maximum working temperature that is constant is 1200 degree Celsius.

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Quartz tubing possesses an adequate level of thermal conductivity which approx 1.4 W/m degree Celsius. Additionally, the thermal expansion is around 5.5 × 10−6/ degree Celsius. The flexural strength is stabilized around 48 Mpa. Semiconductor grade fused quartz is a potential element with the combination of mechanical stability and high purity at significantly high temperatures. It thereby forms an ideal material deployed for processing silicon wafers. Highest qualities of raw materials are required for the technical glass products usage that offers contaminant levels which are less than 25ppm. Quartz tubing is available in different sizes which range up to 400mm and exhibit wall thickness tolerance and excellent diameters.

Thermal couples are prominently utilized for quartz tube furnaces that are essentially S type. There different types of thermal couples including B, K, C, usage which depend on the working temperature. Various specifications are defined for S-type thermal couples. This includes the diameter of a sheath with high purity alumina that is approximately 8m. Ceramic end holders are essentially needed to connect TC with screws with the temperature controller. Positive and negative material which is needed for tubing is primarily nickel chromium and nickel aluminum. Significant temperature ranges are needed for the S-type thermal couple ranging from -200 degree Celsius and 1250 degree Celsius. Additionally, minimum standard error required also lies between +/-2.2 degree Celsius.

The halogen heaters exhibit tungsten filaments that mounted in the front of metal reflector sealed in quartz envelopes. Also, plastic casing is thus done for these halogen heaters. It essentially operated at high temperatures than wire heaters of nichrome but not higher than incandescent light bulbs which primarily radiate in the infrared spectrum. They eventually transform approx 86% of input power thereby losing on the remainder to convective and conductive heat. The halogen cycle subsequently increases the life cycle of the filament coupled with a reduction in the darkening of quartz envelope. Most of the space heaters including natural stone heaters and oil filled radiators are essentially plugged in the electric power source primarily as a mains outlet. The power ratings are calculated in kW of the appliances that enables easy prediction of operation measured per hour.  

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