Tartaric Acid Market Top Manufacturers Analysis and Competitive Insights to 2025

23th November 2018: The ****** tartaric acid market is expected to witness a lucrative growth in the upcoming years on account it’s increasing applications in numerous industries including winery and pharmaceuticals. Tartaric acid is an organic acid which is white crystalline in nature and transpires naturally in numerous plants, especially in grapes. Potassium bitartrate is its salt, generally identified as the cream of tartar, cultivates naturally during the procedure of winemaking. The acid is an antioxidant, hence, is added to foods and has a sour taste. Tartaric acid’s antioxidant properties have resulted in its augmented applications in energy drinks and functional foods. Increasing consumption of wine is anticipated to persist as a major factor fuelling the market growth globally over the upcoming years. Increasing consumption of wine in evolving industries of Asia Pacific is anticipated to further counterpart the ****** market growth. Tartaric acid has its broad applications in food & beverages as an additive and preservative. Growing demand for the product from food & beverage industry is projected to stimulate the progress of the market. The shifting trend for packaged food along with rising living standards is anticipated to stimulate the progress of the sector.

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Tartaric acid has application as an excipient to manufacture cardio tonics and antibiotics. The construction industry also uses tartaric acid as an ingredient in gypsum, therefore, increasing construction activities is expected to impel the sector growth. Tartaric acid is being used in metal cleaning, and as a chelate in soil fertilizers which is anticipated to promote the product demand. Deteriorating production in North America and Europe has led to increased prices and is anticipated to act as a hindrance for the industry participants.  Tartaric acid has a wide range of uses in the field of pharmaceuticals, is used in the production of effervescent salts, in permutation with citric acid, on account of refining the taste of oral medications and also in cough syrup as an expectorant. The product chelates metal ion including magnesium and calcium. Thus, the acid serves the metal and farming industries as a chelating agent for complicating micronutrients in soil fertilizer and for cleaning metal surfaces which consist of iron, copper, aluminium, and alloys.

Tartaric acid is known to be the source of wine diamonds on account of the tiny potassium bitartrate crystals that occasionally form the instinctively bottom of the bottle or on the cork. The tartrates are hazard free and remain inside the aging barrels as they serve as a source of potassium bitartrate. Tartaric acid plays a vital role chemically by lowering the pH of fermenting and behaving as a stabilizer after fermentation. Tartaric acid offers tartness in wine, even though malic and citric acids are also present in wine which in the result is expected to propel the product progress in the near future. Increasing demand for tartaric acid in major consumer-centric industries including wine and pharmaceuticals is expected to promote the progress of the product. The pharmaceutical industries use it as an organic excipient acidic drug, therefore, it is a low volume and high-value market for tartaric acid. The wine industry is growing on account rising consumption of wine in Latin America and Asia Pacific. Nonetheless, limited use of synthetic tartaric acid for pharmaceutical grade and food grade applications and seasonality in the supply of feedstock for natural tartaric acid are anticipated to hinder market growth. The rapidly growing construction industry in the GCC region is expected to create growth opportunities for the product in the near future.

Growing application in pharmaceutical industry as an expectorant in oral medication and cough syrups is anticipated to escalate the progress of the market in the near future. Rising pharmaceutical industry is anticipated to continue to be a major driver in the pharmaceutical application.  The major players of the industry include Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd., Tartaros Gonzalo Castello TGC, Commercial Quimica Sarasa SL, Legal Mante S.A, Distillery Mazzari SpA, Industria Chimica Valenzana SpA, Distillerie Bonollo S.r.l., Alcohlera Vinicola S.A., Henriette’s Herbal and The Chemical Company.  

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