Wide Range Of Beds Available At Leeds Beds And Interiors

Leeds Beds and Interiors (www.leedsbedsandinteriors.co.uk) pride themselves in selling a wide range of beds that are stylish, beautifully designed, comfortable, and reasonably priced. They make it a point to carefully pick every item that goes into their showroom so they can offer beds that vary from the most affordable to totally luxurious.

Leeds Beds and Interiors sells classic wooden bed frames that are suitable for any kind of bedroom. One of their available wooden beds today is St Ives, an elegant furniture with a fashionable Dove grey finish as well as ash veneer tops and features. This can be purchased from £400.00 to £499.00 depending on the size.

Aside from that, they also have upholstered beds that have chic and sophisticated designs. One of their upholstered beds is Ashbourne, available from £190.00 to £250.00 depending on the size. It is upholstered in a hardwearing grey hopsack fabric that has rounded corners and button detailing.

Furthermore, they are also selling divan beds. In this category, they have the Firm Edge Pocketed Divan, which has pocketed springs that soften the comfort of the mattress. It also features firm edges to help prevent “roll off” on the side of the bed. It can be bought from £450.00 to £800.00 depending on the size and comes with two free drawers.

It must be noted that Leeds Beds and Interiors reserves the right to the prices mentioned above, and can change them even without prior notice.

To make sure that all of their customers will get the ideal bed from them, Leeds Beds and Interiors offers a bespoke journey tailored to their needs and preferences. This kind of service has helped them become one of the most trusted beds Leeds provider these days. Here is what Chris Riley, one of their customers, has to say about them: “I’ve popped in here recently to grab some items and have to say, I was very impressed. The shop was really neat and tidy and the girls that work there were really polite and friendly. I’d definitely recommend calling in here if you’re looking for home furnishings in the area”.

Aside from the products mentioned here, this company also sells other bed types, as well as candles, mattresses, pillows, headboards and other home interior items. To see their complete list of available products, visit www.leedsbedsandinteriors.co.uk.

About Leeds Beds and Interiors

Leeds Beds and Interiors is a family-run independent bed and interior showroom that offers a huge selection of luxurious items at affordable prices. They are able to provide the best products available by partnering with the most trusted suppliers right now. If you are interested in purchasing from them, you can speak with one of their representatives at 0113 229 2229 for your questions and comments. Alternatively, you can send them a message via email at sales@leedsbedsandinteriors.co.uk or by filling out their contact form at www.leedsbedsandinteriors.co.uk/contact.

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