SERVOCARE – A Supreme Safety Support for Power Spaces

SERVOCARE is the ultimate Indian brand offering the best air, water, and power solutions by Servomax Limited. It stands as a great anchor providing extreme safety, health, and energy assurance through its standard services. Powered by reliable national and international standards, it has a huge space for quality. It offers better elegant, protected, and germ-free air and water spaces through its spectacular products of purifiers, sterilizers, filters, etc.

However, Servomax Limited is also exclusively specialized in assuring outstanding safety support for power spaces. It offers 20+ products including power-savers and power-conditioners.

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited

SERVOCARE is the popular distinctive label for power-based products and services. It is operated by Servomax Limited. This esteemed brand has a great worldwide presence – it extensively supports the manufacture, distribution, supply, and service of power appliances.

Efficient power supply and utilization are essential everywhere. So, Servocare is here to help diversified customers including –

  • Industries
  • Government
  • Residences
  • Commercial Complexes

Servocare Solutions – The Substantial Provisions of Power-Savers and Power-Conditioners

Servocare by Servomax Limited effectively provides substantial power-based products and services. It offers the best power-saving and power-conditioning products across Pan India and abroad. Its outstanding product portfolio includes –

  • Transformers – Servomax Limited is one of the top transformer manufacturing companies in Hyderabad. It manufactures, supplies, and exports reliable and standard units.

It provides different models of distribution transformers, power transformers, dry-type transformers, and isolation transformers with customized designs and capacities.

  • Stabilizers – Servocare’s stabilizers are always special – they allow substantial stabilized voltage to the equipment ensuring safety and security.

Its assorted stabilizer portfolio includes Three-phase Air-cooled Servo Stabilizers, Three-phase Oil-cooled Servo Stabilizers, Residential Servo Stabilizers, Single-phase Servo Stabilizers, Power Conditioners, and Static Stabilizers. They are available in different sizes, models, designs, and capacities.

  • Control Panels – Servomax Limited especially supplies Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC Panels) to its clients through the Servocare brand.

They assure better control systems, quality power, and adequate power consumption.

  • UPS – Servocare offers online UPS systems – they are designed, manufactured, and supplied as per the customers’ desires and specifications. They especially have a significant place in data centers, IT sectors, and telecommunication industries.
  • Electrical Tapes – Servomax Limited supplies good-quality, easy to use, and reliable electrical tapes. Strictly adhering to the standard insulation means, it offers different kinds of electrical tapes for dealing with different voltage and insulation modes.
  • Electrical Insulators – The Company also offers adequate insulation essentials – electrical insulators. Pin-type insulators, suspension insulators, other models of insulators are provided to the customers in economical prices.

Servocare – Substantial Power Care

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited successfully facilitates the service of its power-based equipment. It has the best support staff and team to deliver quality service.

Simply purchasing the power products is not necessary. It is also necessary to focus on regular and on-time maintenance and service. Otherwise, they do not function normally and may lead to many damages.

Truly speaking, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly maintenance of stabilizers and transformers is compulsory.

Servocare offers various power services which include –

  • Replacement of transformer bushing
  • Installation of carbon brushes
  • Quality check of filament or air cell
  • Adjustment of Insulation Means
  • Checking of Winding Support
  • Repair of Servomotor
  • Variac check
  • Modifications of Control Panels and LCD Displays

Though Servocare is the brand of Servomax Limited, it also provides the best repair and modification services to other branded power-saving and power-conditioning products in the market. It assures quality assistance to clients across the nation and also overseas.

Its valuable service is noteworthy and remarkable by the trust. There is no chance of compromise, negligence, or any other kind of misinterpretations once you reach Servocare.

The service team of Servomax Limited follows standard testing methods and derive better solutions for on-site and off-site power equipment. Cutting-edge technologies like SFRA, Tan Delta, etc. are used to assure the reliability and safety of concerned products.

Servocare Cares for Environment Too!

Servocare cares for the power-based equipment and simultaneously assures better care for the environment. With the spectacular outlook and strategies of Servomax Limited, it serves eco-friendly products and services.

Some of its eco-friendly measures are –

  • Air-cooled servo stabilizers
  • Static voltage stabilizers
  • Dry-type transformers
  • Solar and wind power transformers

No significant toxic emissions are associated with these products. So, it assures better safety to the environment. Moreover, its products save and use substantial power avoiding overuse or overconsumption of energy or power resources. Thereby, it accounts for resource-saving. Servocare by Servomax Limited also has the best occupation in green-energy projects across the nation.

Servocare – The Top Brand

Servocare by Servomax Limited is one of the top-most brands in the relative industrial market. It is well-known for its reliable, standard, and quality products and services across the world. Also, its customer support enables instant replies to its customers and ensures quick product and service deliveries.

Last but not least, its helpful offerings are within affordable competitive prices. Servocare is the best reasonable choice among all for diversified customers.

Servocare enables better vision on the safety and substantial power usage. If you are seeking for the suitable power-based equipment and service, then without a second thought, approach Servomax Limited to fulfill your power demands.

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