Portable Staging Vs Permanent Staging

While making a decision about portable staging or permanent staging, it is vital to look at the type of event you are planning to host. How often these events will require you to transform the space? Here, we will explore the reasons that provide you some points of consideration that will ultimately help you to make the best facility decision.

Portable staging is way better than Permanent Staging:

Portable stages have a lot of benefits over permanent- built-in stages. In the past, you may have seen Portable Staging platforms that were not just unprofessional but also out of place for the application. This made it harder to consider to a space that has special finishes by applying the temporary product or decorative millwork that face a failure by the temporary system. Even some selection of the accessories can be made at the 11th hour but preplanning always goes best to make the system look perfect.  A lot of people try to make a temporary stage system on their own, but this can often go wrong. This may go dangerous that will not allow the advantage of a well-designed system, specially made for the purpose of portability and performance. In the end, you’ll get a platform that would be just sturdy and stable as a ground floor. You may also use the same accessories for the portable staging that are normally used for a permanent stage such as guardrails, skirting, backdrops, stairs ramps, and more to give it a finished appearance that may look appealing for both the patrons and performers.

What Types Of Events Are You Hosting?

If you are hosting the same event or type of event at your facility, then it is good to build a permanent staging. This type of staging will help you define the performance space as well as will give you continuity every time you are planning to host the event. If you are trying to redesign the area to meet the requirements of the next group or planning to host multiple events, then a portable stage is a much better option. To meet the specific needs of different events, you may set it in various configuration as per your requirement. For instance, an orchestra or a concert may need to be configured differently than a stage for a commencement ceremony stage.

Portable makes you decorate flexibly according to the different events, so it’s beneficial for them to have this capability. In the event of performing arts, you can even move portable platforms between the performance and practice area so that performers can perform at the area where the live event will be held on. That will help to build confidence for the performers to practice their expertise.


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