Pommama Launches Post Natal Classes For Mums To Regain Themselves After Pregnancy

London, May’2019: With ongoing requests from Pommama mothers to carry on with their yoga practice, Pommama now offers postnatal programs for the mums to regain strength and mental clarity as well as get back in shape after giving birth. They are among the best providers of postnatal and prenatal yoga classes all over London.  

Pommama primarily offers individual yoga classes that help pregnant women to stay balanced in mind and body as well as prepare for childbirth. They provide one-to-one private prenatal yoga classes either at home or office, at any time of the day. In addition to their services, they are now offering postnatal yoga classes, that will help mums to regain clarity and strength after childbirth.

Pommama postnatal classes will focus on recovery which includes mental & physical healing, getting back in shape, and addressing individual issues of each mum. Postnatal yoga is a great tool to calm your mind and reconnect with your body after childbirth.

Postnatal practice is advised from six weeks after birth onwards. Women can join Pommama even if they haven’t done yoga before. Individual programs are tailor-made for each mother as per her needs.  The schedule of yoga classes will accommodate hectic lives of mothers and babies as well as bring regular exercise into weekly routine.

Pommama provides exciting offers and variety of pre and postnatal yoga classes to suit every mother. For more than two years they select the best yoga teachers who assist mums on their pregnancy journeys and beyond. They are also gradually increasing the number of yoga instructors so that every mum gets the services anytime, anywhere across London. In addition, mama and baby and kids yoga are available on special request.

If looking for a pre or postnatal yoga private instructor, please talk to any member of Pommama team, they will be happy to offer advice on yoga, pregnancy and motherhood. For more details, visit their website https://www.pommama.com/ or email to info@pommama.com.       

About the Company

Pommama was set up in 2017 by Maria Kondrashova, Maria practiced yoga as an antidote to her busy transatlantic career, but became seriously hooked on its mind and body benefits when decided to have a baby. She had partnered with an international yoga teacher Mercedes Sieff to deliver her three-stage pregnancy yoga program to your workplace or home via specially trained teachers of Pommama. Pommama offers one-on-one pregnancy yoga service connecting you with top private teachers across Central London. Pommama’s personal approach ensures that each teacher tailors the classes according to your specific needs. For booking and more information contact them at info@pommama.com.

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