Pressure Injury Prevention Market Expansion Projected to Gain an Uptick During 2019 – 2028

A pressure injury is also known as decubitus ulcers or pressure ulcer, and pressure sores which generally causes distortion of skin and tissue. Pressure is recognized as the main factor in the development of pressure injuries, with pressure three to five times higher internally near a bony prominence. Pressure injuries are usually caused due to the lack of poor nutrition, friction, aging skin, less mobility, moisture, etc. A pressure injury is formed in a localized area of the skin, underlying subcutaneous tissue over bone. Once the skin gets exposed to prolong pressure starved with proper oxygen and nutrients, the tissue becomes damaged leading to pressure injury. Thus, pressure injury prevention devices and therapies are being developed in order to treat pressure injuries. 

Pressure injuries are largely preventable but are generally recognized as a potentially life-threatening condition. Patient injury prevention is considered as an important area of patient safety. Boosting patient participation in care is an increasing trend observed in healthcare as it can upsurge adherence to treatment plans and improve outcomes. Pressure injuries are painful and result in decreased physical function and quality of life. In the U.S., Medicare hospitals no longer receive higher Medicare payments related to pressure injury prevention who acquire Stage III-IV pressure injuries during the inpatient stay.

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Pressure Injury Prevention Market: Drivers and Restraints

Over time, pressure injury has become acute and is significantly causing a burden to the healthcare system. The healthcare spending burden on pressure injury is also increasing gradually. For instance, in the U.S. the cost for the healthcare system is around US$9 to11 billion per year. With the increasing aging population, the prevalence and incidence rate of pressure injury is also growing which is fueling the growth of the ****** pressure injury prevention market. The rising number of the elderly population, increase in incontinence in urine and obesity, and the dearth of poor nutrition will contribute to driving the growth of ****** pressure injury prevention market. Other factors responsible for driving the growth of the ****** pressure injury prevention market are growing diabetic population, peripheral arterial disease, kidney failure, heart failure, and others which makes the skin to be more fragile or delicate causing movement problems. Evolving innovations to heal pressure injuries using gene therapy which includes growth factors, and cytokines, adipose tissue or bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy might restrain the market growth of pressure injury prevention.

Pressure Injury Prevention Market: Segmentation

The ****** pressure injury prevention market is segmented by product type, end-user and region:

Based on product type, the ****** pressure injury prevention market is segmented into:

Mattresses,Protectors,Cushions,Offloading Footwear,Patients Positioners,Based on the end-user, the ****** pressure injury prevention market is segmented into:,,Hospital,Nursing Homes,Home Care Settings,Ambulatory Surgical Centers

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Pressure Injury Prevention Market: Overview

A pressure injury is a very common issue observed in many hospitals. Many physiological factors like gender, age, race, weight, mobility have given rise to pressure injuries. The reimbursement is no longer being provided in many hospitals for pressure injury prevention. Due to the massive clinical need and lack of effective treatment, new technologies are being developed which are boosting the growth of pressure injury prevention market.

Pressure Injury Prevention Market: Regional Outlook

The Asia Pacific pressure injury prevention market is expected to grow with the maximum growth rate in the ****** pressure injury prevention market. The significant economic development in the Asia Pacific region has led to an increase in healthcare availability with a rise in the number of diabetic population and lack of poor nutrition. North America is anticipated to exhibit substantial growth in the pressure injury prevention market due to the presence of advanced healthcare facilities which as a result have a high impact in overall pressure injury prevention market. Europe pressure injury prevention market is anticipated to hold the second highest market share in the ****** pressure injury prevention market due to the increasing burden of pressure injuries and rising costs in healthcare. The developing countries of Latin America pressure injury prevention market and the Middle East and Africa pressure injury prevention market are projected to grow with a significant growth rate over the forecast period.  

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Pressure Injury Prevention Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players in the ****** pressure injury prevention market are Sage Products LLC, Medi-Tech International Corp., TexMedico Inc., EHOB, Inc., 3M Company, Osborn Medical, Crawford Healthcare Limited, Invacare Corp., Hill-Rom, Inc., Arjo AB and others.

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