Environmental and Building Services Ltd: Your Reliable Provider Of House And Property Cleaning Services

Environmental and Building Services Ltd (https://www.ebsbioclean.co.uk/), one of the leading providers of biohazard and industrial cleaning services, is happy to offer their house and property cleaning service to everyone. From removing simple contaminated mattresses to clearing a property completely, this company can absolutely help out.

Environmental and Building Services Ltd aims to provide friendly and professional service for those who need help in clearing out the trash on their properties. The house clearance Essex UK services they offer range from cleaning smoked damaged areas, emptying hoarders properties, clearing up vandalism, and a lot more. According to them, “Our house and property cleaning services range from removing simple contaminated mattresses to a complete clearing of the property by removing or cleaning unwanted furniture, soiled clothing, curtains and any other material. We can also wash down walls, ceilings, floors, fittings and fixtures, and doors with degreasing and disinfecting solutions leaving the property safe for redecoration as needed”.

As part of their house and property clearance service, Environmental and Building Services Ltd also offers a gutter cleaning service. They can effectively clean blocked gutters by removing the debris and leaves that might cause the water to overflow during heavy rains. This particular service helps prevent the risks of structural damage to the property or leaks indoors.

Aside from their reliable cleaning services, Environmental and Building Services Ltd also takes pride in having a team of experienced and highly-trained cleaners. Their specialists are skilled and knowledgeable in dealing with a variety of cleaning jobs, in a range of areas, from private properties to public and business sites. Moreover, this team works with special cleaning equipment and licenses to ensure that any hazardous waste will be disposed of safely and properly. With their help, homeowners can eliminate the stress of dealing with the cleaning and clearance of their property on their own.

Environmental and Building Services Ltd offers a range of other services including trauma scene and after death cleaning, land and site clearance, flood damage clean up and more. To find out more about them and the services they have on offer, kindly head over to their official website at https://www.ebsbioclean.co.uk/.

About Environmental and Building Services Ltd

Environmental and Building Services Ltd specialises in providing a range of biohazard and industrial cleaning services for both commercial and residential clients. So whether you need help in cleaning up areas where accidents happen or just removing contaminated carpeting, this team of cleaning specialist can take care of it. If you’re interested in acquiring the services offered by this company, there are several ways for you to get in touch with them. For your enquiries, you can call 01277 218241 or send an email via [email protected] Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on their website at https://www.ebsbioclean.co.uk/.

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