Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee

Are you stuck in a situation that cannot be avoided and you feel like you cannot board your Turkish airlines? If yes, then you do not have to panic as Turkish airlines is the customer-oriented airlines and have a solution for you. And this is that you can cancel the flight time and focus on the emergency. But it is also advised to check the Turkish airlines Cancellation policy before cancelling the flight.

And this space will lead you to know all the important terms related to the cancellation policy.

Check the Cancellation Terms Before Cancelling Turkish Airlines Flight! 

  1. To start with, if you are thinking for a full refund then check if you are cancelling the tickets within 24 hours of booking or departure of the flight.

  2. In case you have crossed the 24 hours limit then you can still cancel the flight but will have to pay the cancellation fees.

  3. In case of totally unused tickets, the passenger can cancel the flight and is eligible for a full refund as stated in Turkish Airlines cancellation policy.

  4.  The passengers can cancel the flight or check for the refund from manage travel option of the Turkish airlines.

Hence, the passengers do not forget to refer to some of the points above before cancelling the flight. The knowledge of Turkish airlines cancellation policy helps passengers to act accordingly.

Still, Need Help? Contact Turkish Customer Service! 

The passengers who are still stuck are free to contact the Turkish airlines customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active and the passengers can get in touch on any of the convenient platforms.

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