Here Are The Ways For Packing Your Shoes For The Moving

“Good shoes take you good places” for exploring good places your precious companion should be safe but that can’t be possible if you are just throwing your entire companion (footwear) in the big box. Improper packing will lead to nothing good you will receive- scuffing, misshaping and so on. Show them your love and pack them carefully.

Packing shoes may sound simple and easy, ya it is but there are some points which we all should keep in mind while packing them for the move if you want to receive your footwear in a good condition when you unpack them in your new home.

Professional Packers And Movers Mumbai today will tell you the best way for packing your footgear for the move through this below tips:

Before we begin with the tips there are 5 rules which we have to check to insure that our footwear is ready for the protection and boxing up for the upcoming household move.

A. Sort out:

Off course you don’t want to pack each and everything all that efforts will be in vain and unnecessary because why to pack the things which we will not require in the future same goes with the pair of shoes sort them out so to know which to pack and which to get rid off.

  1. Go through your pairs of shoes and sort out which to keep, sell or donate.
  2. Directly put out the things which are too worn out or damaged into the recycling bin.
  3. Things you never liked put them in a sell or donate basket.
  4. Segregate your footgear’s according to the types like all boots together, sneaker together, shoes together etc.
  5. Set aside the pairs you wish to repair before moving out.

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B. Selection process for moving day:

  1. In the above process don’t forget to segregate what you are going to wear on moving day.
  2. Select shoes with good grip and anti- slip sole.
  3. Choose sport shoes with sufficient ankle support.
  4. Remember select the pair you are most comfortable with but it should be protective too.

C. Clean and dry your footwear’s:

Spare some time and clean your footwear’s which you are going to pack for a move. Clean dirt and dust from them by using soft damp cloth and be extra careful while dealing with the expensive stuffs.

After the cleaning process let them completely dry and then begin for the packing because a little moisture in them can cause mold which means destruction for our footwear’s. Especially air dry your sports shoes, work shoes and leather shoes as they are more prone to molds if any moisture is trapped inside. Packers And Movers Mumbai to Lucknow use advance technology for the moving process to complete the work on time and effectively.

D. Stuffing of crumbled paper:

For keeping your precious footwear’s in original shapes you need to fill them up using crumpled paper. Just take clean and soft sheet crumble them and use them for filling the space in your shoes for boots fill them to the brink. Remember in any case DO NOT use newspaper because its ink can transfer into the footwear material and can ruin them.

E. Packing material:

You are just one step away from reaching to the “Tips paradise” for packing your shoes safely you will require some packing materials let’s sort it out, what it can be.

  • Original shoes packing or if not then small and large boxes.
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing material
  • Permanent marker

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Best Way to Pack Shoes for Move When You Have Original Packing-

  1. Place one large paper on the bottom of the packing box.
  2. Place another clean packing paper and now on it place one shoe and wrap it with the underlying paper.
  3. Tuck the overlapping paper edges until you form a neat bundle.
  4. Using tape affix your bundle.
  5. Now time to transfer the bundle into the shoes box.
  6. Now pack another shoe in the same manner.
  7. Now transfer the other one into the packing box but wait let me tell you how position the second one facing the other one but alternate their direction to make them fit without adding any pressure.
  8. Now add final touch on the top of the shoes by placing clean paper and then cover it with lid and for extra safety secure it using tape.
  9. Finally don’t forget to label what’s in this- blue sneaker extra.

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When You Don’t Have Original Packing-

In this condition above 4 steps will be same and the things will change from the fifth one now you don’t have the box which is perfect for your individual pairs, what you have is big cardboard box

  1. Place your neatly packed bundle of pair the heaviest one and lay them down in the cardboard box, now place light pair of shoes you have packed the same way, repeat this process but don’t overflow your cardboard box and if any space is left then fill it up with the crumbled paper.
  2. Remember to segregate the layer of shoes by placing clean sheet between he pairs.
  3. At last don’t forget to label it.

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