6 effective tips to pack a Kitchen during house shifting

Are you not hiring Packers and Movers to do the shifting job for you and doing it all by yourself? Well if that’s true, we all agree Kitchen is particularly the most difficult area to pack things during house shifting given its overwhelming number of items stored in various cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Not to say the least, the refrigerator, the cooking range, and the dishwasher.

Your house shifting day is fast approaching and by now you have done a great job by packing things in advance from all the nook and corners of your house. Yes, you’ve done an impressive packing job but have left it when it was the turn of your Kitchen with a dreadful thought of organizing all utensils, dals, achaars and stuff at one place which otherwise is done smoothly by Professional Movers and Packers in Navi Mumbai.

At MovingNow.in as we often recommend to make a list of all the articles room wise, for the Kitchen, our advice is to carefully plan which forms a critical part before you actually start packing all the stuff. After you have identified the sequence to pack things in the kitchen, follow the tips mentioned here to ensure a successful house shifting;

  1. Cooking Gas cylinders go first: You need to deposit the gas cylinders with your gas agency since they come under hazardous category and you are not allowed to carry them when moving between cities. We recommend this activity first since this is a tedious process.
  2. Start packing essentials: You have stored Dals in containers that goes in a separate box. There are other essentials like cereals, tea, coffee which go in a different box. All your masalas need a separate box neatly packed and sealed with packing take. Make sure you keep the Achaars aside and pack them in a different carton box with reinforcement since the containers may leak.
  3. Fragile dishes and cutlery next: This process may be time-consuming. We suggest you to wrap each plate and dish with newspaper first before bubble wrapping for extra protection. Before you stack them in the box, ensure it is cushioned from the inside to prevent breakage. Then tightly pack in the carton box so the plates and dishes don’t shift inside the box while moving.
  4. Rarely used items go next: There are rarely used items in the kitchens like serving dishes, seasonal food containers, jerry cans, cooking books that you should pack in a separate carton box and label it for identification.
  5. Pack utensils next: You will have a large set of utensils like kadhai, dishes, plates, glasses that are bigger and sturdier and take more space. You may need more than two carton boxes depending upon the volume of utensils you want to carry. With this, you would have done most of the complex packing.
  6. Ready your appliances: You prepare all appliances to move at the end of the process. You may have refrigerator, toasters, cooking range, dishwashers to be carefully moved. It’s advisable to pack them in the original carton boxes when they have arrived since they are complete with reinforcement. In case you have discarded them, you should use blanket wraps for optimum protection.

Label all your boxes properly according to the sequence mentioned above. All this packing has to be done before the truck arrives to avoid confusion to this already complex area. We also recommend you to move the most important essentials yourself beforehand since you may need a few items urgently upon moving into the new house. While doing it yourself may not be a great solution, we recommend you to hire professional Packers and Movers in Hyderabad to do the job for you which may cost you a fraction more than what you have spent doing it yourself.

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