viBeatz Tv- Empowering Today’s Youth with Dance And Fitness

viBeatz Tv Press Release

viBeatz Tv- Empowering Today’s Youth with Dance And Fitness

(location), UK– If you remember a time when kid’s TV was fashionable, and when we watched TV presenters in broom cupboards, letting children dunk teachers and parents with slime, the you are part of the MTV/Nickelodeon generation. Something that became such a big part of our lives both after school and on the weekends is sadly lacking from today’s world.

Children today don’t know the anticipation of waiting for their favourite show to begin and the joy that occurs when the theme song begins playing. Today’s video content is streaming and on-demand and kids can access it from their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Lisa is an over qualified personal trainer, teacher trainer in dance, yoga and children’s fitness. Her new product ‘Vibeatz Kidz & Teenz’ was due to launch at ‘Move It 2020’, the biggest dance convention in Europe, but due to the coronavirus, the event has now been postponed to 2021.

– Vibeatz TV – no better time for kids to get fit. Lisa has choreographed a campaign for Disney & ‘This Girl Can’ campaign (link) and has now created a dance challenge to go alongside the videos on Vibeatz TV. A great way to get fit with your family.
– What is Vibeatz Kidz? The class is aimed at 6-10 year olds in a fun circuit style format with dancing by numbers and a yoga chill out to complete the session.
– This class is available in schools / dance schools and is waiting to debut in another of different avenues was we come out of lockdown.

Fortunately, one of those prime time presenters is back. Lisa B is back and she has been combining fitness and TV her entire life. Her accolades include UK aerobic champion, Reebok Master Trainer where she presented around the world, launched various fitness videos including ‘The Great North Run’ workout along with the hilarious ‘The Housework workout’. As one of the UK’s top personal trainers and teacher trainers in dance, yoga and children’s fitness, Lisa B has created ‘ViBeatz Tv Kidz & Teenz’.

viBeatz Tv has announced an all new, practical and fun way to interact and teach non-judgmental fitness and dance classes. Their exclusive viBeatz Tv Kidz & Teenz classes combine interactive dance routines, positive uplifting music and positive vibes to create one of the most effective ways for today’s kids and teens to get active and stay in shape!
Dance Challenges :-
I wanna be like you dance link
Your welcome dance link
Under the sea link dance link

From wriggling like seaweed and walk like a crab Under The Sea, to dancing like Maui, monkeying around like those lovable characters from the Jungle Book, viBeatz Tv Kidz & Teenz classes will have your children movin’ and groovin’ to their favourite songs.

Taking the tried and tested viBeatz Tv formula of dance, yoga and fitness, viBeatz Tv Kidz & Teenz classes are designed to be incredibly fun and interactive for children and young adolescence from ages 7 – 16. These classes are physically and mentally challenging and teach inclusivity while building a sustainable platform for physical and mental well-being. Both active and inactive children can benefit from viBeatz Tv Kidz & Teenz classes as they increase their fitness levels and decrease their stress and anxiety levels.

viBeatz Tv Kidz & Teenz Classes Are:
• A multi-level dance fitness class for all ages.
• Yoga, Dance and fitness in one class.
• Non-competitive, non-sporty and sporty, all in one class .
• Inclusive to all
• Researched on growth spurts and hormone changes.
Lisa Brockwell, the founder of ViBeatz Tv has stated, “I believe that today’s young people need to challenge themselves more to become active. This can help them build strong minds and bodies and create a renewed focus on kids fitness in our country. I have choreographed a campaign for Disney & ‘This Girl Can’ campaign and have now created a dance challenge to go alongside my exclusive children’s fitness videos on viBeatz Tv. Now, I am teaming up with schools and youth organisations to promote fitness for young people and to expose them to the world of interactive dance fitness. With viBeatz Tv and viBeatz Tv Kidz & Teenz classes, we have created a dance workout which enables children and young adolescence from ages 7 – 16 to set new fitness goals and compete on a fun and interactive level.”

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