Best BIM Software and Important terms of BIM Software

Best BIM software has replaced the traditional blueprints and CAD software to give a realistic visual image of a building. The users of Building Design and Building Information Management software include owners, architect, contractors and engineers.

Top BIM Vendors

AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Plant 3D
BIM Track
Trimble RealWorks

4D, 5D and 6D

2D and 3D aspect is well known in BIM modeling. 4D has its own meaning in mechanical physics. 4D BIM model contains scheduled data regarding the construction sequence. For 5D & 6D the meaning differs a little bit but they most usually reference cost and lifecycle data. 5D BIM delivers data of object as well as its price. The 6D BIM model offers additional data regarding the project lifecycle.


AIM and PIM are divisions of a BIM data but are used differently. Asset Information Model (AIM) is name that is occasionally known for a BIM post designing and pertain to the data comprised in representation meant to assist along the maintenance and process of position. Project Information Model (PIM) is contradictory, the BIM data required to take on the building project.

CIC BIM protocol

This is the collection of legal rules placed by the Construction Industry Council in 2013 that allows a joint work environment at the same time as still maintaining the IP rights of the dissimilar legally responsible parties. It was planned to be straightforwardly incorporated into professional service agreement.

Information Manager

This is personally selected for every CIC BIM etiquette to supervise the project and the enforcement of the CIC BIM etiquette. Additionally, this individual is frequently accountable for additional duties, probable design leader or project leader.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

Enclosed in PAS 1192, the CDE is the fundamental information depository necessary to assemble BIM Level 2 data giving out capability. It might be used in position to the single source of the truth database delivered by true BIM, but is in fact a superfluous time for team operating in a true BIM enabled environment.

Federated model

The term is used to reference a BIM representation built from the combination of numerous dissimilar models by importing single model into one more. This could be the consequence of BIM Level 2 wherein all the teams work disjointedly on graphics first design, or might be used to generate a BIM Level 3 initial peak for an accessible construction.

Industry Foundation Class

This is object arrangement to facilitate the swap of data across diverse piece of software. It is designed to assist generate open principles for BIM by the group ‘building SMART’ the principles are more and more adopted to progress cross project management.

Information Delivery Manual

This document outlines the sequence of process to be considered throughout an asset lifecycle alongside with the data regarding how such processes be supposed to be carry out.


These both are ordinary building and analysis conditions so as to refer the kind of data and the thorough data have to get together project condition. In the background of BIM, LoD specially refers the graphical data of model at each distinct stage, at the same time as LoI refers the non-graphical data to be incorporated in the BIM. For BIM Level 2, such category is defined by PAS 1192-2.

Life Cycle Assessment

This is complete ecological impact estimation for a building and each and every of its resource. It covers material and energy consumption, alongside the waste, pollutant and the penalty of productions and activities.

Open BIM

This is the term referencing a amount of attempt to generate open principles for BIM, by letting better collaboration. It is intermittently used to refer BIM Level 3, and factual BIM surroundings in which information becomes possible to edit and control.

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