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Multi Color Pearl Beads Online Sale

Pearl beads are the most beautiful beads that you can use for embroidery and jewelry making. They come in so many beautiful colors and material that you are bound to get attracted to them. Different types of premium quality pearls are available at wholesale prices on our online pearl shop, so explore the types of pearls online one by one:

GCA Thinking of You Week and how you can get involved

From the 22nd September until the 28th Sept 2019, we will be in the midst of the Greeting Card Association’s (GCA) celebrated Thinking of You Week. There are many people in each of our lives that mean the world to us, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time to tell them. ‘Thinking of You’ Week encourages expressions of thanks, love, and general appreciation aimed towards our friends and loved ones.

Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit Performance Review

The best iteration of Nike’s laceless FastFit system is here.

Traction on the Nike Kobe AD NXT FF is aggressive in both looks and performance.

The scale pattern has proven to be fairly durable during indoor testing and has a bit to it that reminds me of the solid rubber offerings from the Nike Kobe 11 EM. Something I love is that the channels or grooved in between each row of these scales are spaced far enough apart that if dust is present on your court then it falls right through. If you happen to play on a really filthy floor, like I do at my local 24 Hr Fitness, and dust starts clumping up on the outsole a quick wipe and I was good-to-go.

Embroidery Threads Online at Wholesale Prices

Threads are the most basic way of embellishing any design. They are the most easiest and simple method that has been used for ages. is an online embroidery store where you can find a wide range of embroidery thread online which are perfect for creating designs and patterns on any fabric. You can also find sewing and knitting yarn too.

Let’s discuss what all of the different embroidery threads you can get online:

1) Cotton Threads: This embroidery thread is available in skeins and spools. Cotton Embroidery floss are perfect for hand embroidery while cotton threads that come in spools are perfect for both hand and machine embroidery.

Jewelry Supplies & Jewelry Findings Online

When it comes to jewelry making the most important jewelry making supplies are jewelry components and jewelry findings. At, you can find them online at the best prices. In this blog, we are going to discuss them one by one:

A) Jewelry Findings:


1) Clasps: No jewelry is complete without locks. There are different types of clasps that are available. You can choose the one as per your design needs. We offer you lobster clasps, spring clasp, lever back clasps, etc. to secure your jewelry design in place.

Air Jordan XX8 Performance Review

Believe it or not; “Damn, those are ugly!” is not the first thing I heard when I walked out on-court in the Air Jordan XX8… but “where can I get a pair?!” was…

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Traction – For the second time in less than a year I receive ample traction from a translucent outsole.

The Air Jordan XX8 provides you with pliable rubber in an aggressive pattern that makes up the entire surface. There will never be a point in time in which you are without traction. Even on the slickest of courts, the XX8 held up surprisingly well.

Craft Supplies Online at Wholesale Prices

Do you love crafts and are searching for best craft supplies online? If yes, then you are at the right place. If you are a DIY person, there are some craft supplies that will always come in handy whenever you are working on any project. So, let’s get started:

1) Pom PomsThese small multi color balls are perfect for adding vividness and brightness to any designs. They can be used for embellishing dresses, diy crafts, making jewelry and more. You are going to love how these will change your designs.


Wilson Evo Nxt Review and Comparison

Since we’re talking about balls…

So I got a Wilson email about the Evo NXT and like the sucker I am, I saw only 100 were being sold so I jumped in and bought one. Ok I was going to buy one anyways because I was interested in the NXT when I first heard about it. As most of you know the og EVO is not my favorite ball to play (I like playing with my own balls?) but since it is on every court every league every day and night, I kinda have to use it and get used to it.

UA HOVR Infinite Performance Review

The UA HOVR Infinite is Under Armour’s latest attempt at a neutral cushioned running shoe for serious distance runners. It looks a lot different than a typical Under Armour shoe and takes its design cues from traditional cushioned distance shoes. But can UA make a shoe that competes with respected running brands like Mizuno, Saucony, and New Balance?

Under Armour was kind enough to send both Jodi and I the UA HOVR Infinite to test. We both ran a lot of miles in the Infinite including various types of workouts in a bunch of different conditions. Once we had the Infinite in hand, both of us were excited to test it. Let’s find out if our excitement was justified.

Applique & Patches Online at Wholesale Prices

One thing that can easily add touch glamour to your designs would be Appliques Patches. They come in all different sizes and that you can easily choose the one you want without any issue. They are a quick and most effective way to add dimension to your designs. With them, you can add a traditional touch to your designs. So, let’s explore various types of appliqués and patches you can find online: