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Muriate Of Potash Market 2018 Benefits, Forthcoming Developments, Business Opportunities & Future Investments to 2025

Industry Highlights

One of the essential drivers for the market’s development is the interest for feedstock in biofuels. Biofuel is delivered from the vegetation of oil palms, and the development of these requires noteworthy measure of manures. The use of Muriate of Potash in these plants expands the natural product’s development and creating nations like Brazil and Indonesia have a higher interest for its utilization as a feedstock. This, thus, will expand the interest for Muriate of Potash and drive the market’s development throughout the following four years.

Market Overview

Winners of the APAC 2018 International Chamber of Commerce Awards Announced

Singapore – EventBank, the leading provider of the chamber of commerce management and event management software , recently announced the winners of the 2nd annual APAC 2018 International Chambers of Commerce Awards. The winning chambers of commerce and executives were announced during the first-ever online conference for the chambers in the Asia Pacific ‘ APAC 2018 Chambers of Commerce Online Conference

The Awards recognize chambers’ efforts toward improving their communities during the past year. The judging committee was looking for efficient chamber operations, happy members, innovative engagement programs, events that bring value, and passionate chamber leaders who are not afraid of changes. The APAC 2018 International Chamber of Commerce Awards has seen a huge increase in the number of the applications for each category with almost every country in the Asia Pacific represented in the applications.

RETAIL CLOUD Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2018-2022

Market Highlight

In the growing digital technology market, consumers are doing shopping from online retail websites and via mobile apps. Retailers across the industry are investing in e-commerce and Omni-channel retailing in order to improve the customer experience as well as to become competitive in the market. Major retail chains such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco are deploying several strategies on this front and trying hard to integrate their vast store network with online channel and attracting buyers to do online shopping which thereby boosting the company sales. These growing shifts of consumers towards Omni channel is supporting retailers in preserving their brand value. However, the presence of big e-commerce giants namely Amazon, and Flipkart are a big threat for retail cloud market as they consist of large customer base globally. To subdue this threat, the retail industry is gradually shifting towards Omni channel retailing and trying to integrate the multiple online channels which thereby increasing tendency to spend more than the regular shopping.

Mobile Cobots Market Trends, Strategies, Emerging Growth and Forecast by 2025

Mobile collaborative robots or mobile cobots are highly efficient industrial robots operational with human interaction. Mobile cobots with advanced features such as superior sensitivity, bionic motions, on-the-fly switches concerning autonomous & supervised tasks are replacing traditional robots utilized for heavy lifting and rapid movements. Additionally, advancements in sensor & vision technology, with robust and flexible nature of the technology helps to yield better accuracy with higher output.

Fingerprint Access Control Market Trend, Growth, Challenges, Strategy & Overview, Revenue Forecast 2025

The global fingerprint access control market size was valued at USD 2.50 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow steadily with a growth rate of over 7% over the forecast period. Growing demand for security solutions globally is expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Additionally, increasing adoption of IoT-based security systems and technological advancements and deployment of wireless technology in security systems is further projected to spur the market.

Automated Test Equipment Market Growth Opportunity and Industry Forecast to 2025

The global automated test equipment (ATE) is expected to reach USD 4.3 Billion by 2022. The equipment is utilized for testing the semiconductor chips. Increasing demand in computing, consumer and communication industry is expected to drive the market. Furthermore, growing demand and need for efficiency in various end-user segments which include healthcare, consumer electronics, communication, automotive, and defense is anticipated to upsurge the industry growth over the forecast period.

Continuous developments in software, computing and instrumentation technology are anticipated to fuel the innovation and growth in the industry. Increasing demand for consumer electronics and growing adoption of System-on-chip is projected to enhance the market growth over the forecast period. Growing device integration with rising consumer demand for additional features has led to an increase in the number of RF ports.

Global Digital Transaction Management Market Overview, Industry Landscape, Key Trends, Players Analysis and Forecast to 2025

Growing demand for cloud-based services across the globe, increasing digitalization initiatives in developing regions and growing number of SME’s are some of the drivers that are expected to boost the growth of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) market. Integration of these systems onto the already existing IT infrastructure is expected to hinder the growth of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) market to a certain extent.

IoT Communication Protocol Market Latest Advancements, Product Revenue, Growth Opportunities, Market Drivers, Restraints, Forecast 2025

IoT Communication Protocol is highly diversified and competitive with market players that include start-up firms and mid-tier companies and as well as top-tier. With the rate of propagation of wireless sensors, rise in the adoption adoption rate of emerging technologies, and mainstreaming many of the smart consumer applications. The IoT technology has become the most popular concept across all the domains, such as healthcare, automotive, and consumer electronics among others.

Bioreactors Market is estimated to reach USD 1417 million by 2021 | Market Data Forecast

The Global Bioreactors Market was worth USD 1019.9 million in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 6.8%, to reach USD 1417 million by 2021. Rising Chronic disease prevalence and increasing biopharmaceutical investments will propel the growth of the market.


A bioreactor is a manufacture device which supports a biologically active environment. It is a vessel in which a chemical process is taken place which involves organisms or biochemically active substances derived from such organisms. These devices are being developed for use in tissue engineering or biochemical Engineering.


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United States Agrigenomics Market Report 2018: By Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2022|MDF

The Global Agrigenomics Market was worth USD xxxx billion in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 7.8 %, to reach USD 13.56 billion by 2021. The increasing of technologies which are advanced like high throughput and automation structures has delivered interest amongst those who are doing studies and for those who are using next generation structures in this marketplace.

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