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****** School And Employee Bus Services Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2019-2022

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TheBusinessResearchCompany published its School And Employee Bus Services ****** Market Report 2019 which provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the ****** school and employee bus services market. The report covers the school and employee bus services market’s segments- students bus services, employee bus services.

Explore Complete Report******-market-report

Does an MBA help in personal growth-Lexicon MILE

Life is a journey and plenty of judgments come on the way. While we should be immune to judgment, it is important to develop one’s own personality to navigate through the world with ease. There is a famous quote that reads “The first impression is the best impression”. When this is the case, developing one’s own personality can lead to success in multiple areas of life. This is one area where a management degree can really help accelerate one’s growth. One not only learns useful and insightful theory and practical subjects during an MBA, but they also enhance and develop personalities. Most MBA programs conduct personality development skills, builds presentation skills and leadership qualities.

What do MBA rankings mean-Lexicon MILE

The early stages of researching and analyzing various B-schools and MBA programs can be tedious. These days we are seeing a steady increase in the number of colleges providing management courses. This adds to the burden of narrowing down your search to a number you could deal with. This is where the MBA rankings come to your rescue.


MBA rankings are the compilation of the MBA programs and the universities available in a certain order and ranking them based on various criteria. It aggregates most of the data about the program and gives an orderly list. They form the greatest tool for the aspirants to make a decision and shortlist their preferences.

Top 7 management skills that you need to develop-Lexicon MILE

To reach the top ranks in a company or to start a firm on your own, one would require a set of unique skills. Acquiring and inculcating these skills at a young age will help reach greater heights. Some of the most in-demand skills that anyone requires to be a successful manager include –


  1. Technical Expertise – Be it finance, production, manufacturing, or even human resource management, gaining expertise in the field we choose to pursue a career in is a key factor that determines success in an organization. Technical expertise is what helps us build a niche.

Everything you need to know about PGDM & MBA-Lexicon MILE

For someone who is aspiring to be an entrepreneur or go high up to a management level in a job, a management program like PGDM / MBA can prove to be very helpful.


A study of management subjects provides knowledge of the fundamentals of business, helps in understanding the market trends, the management skills needed to handle a successful business, provides practical knowledge through group discussions, internships, projects. It helps to improve the career growth. Soft skills like communication, leadership, motivation are taken to the next level.


Is MBA useful without any work experience-Lexicon MILE

Entering into a management program right after your graduation without any work experience is argued to be less useful than with work experience. But such a general statement may be inexact at most times. Business schools have become more diverse in offering both the freshers and the experienced, the equal chances of becoming a management graduate. Yes, it is true that many top-rated schools prefer experienced professionals for their program but that doesn’t mean it’s obligatory.


An open-minded learning experience:

Online Education Market – ****** Forecast by End User & Learning Mode

Online Education Market will reach US$ 350 Billion by 2025, globally due to the introduction of flexible learning technologies in the corporate and education sectors. The advanced artificial intelligence-driven platform is also playing a significant role in the growth of this market globally. Online education provides flexibility for the learner to learn from anywhere, anytime, as most of the online education devices are portable. The corporate learning market is segmented into SMBs and large institutions. SMBs have limited financial resources, so the online learning method is more cost-effective as it allows multiple employees to be trained in a less cost-intensive way.

What is the future of human resource management-Lexicon MILE

Digitalization has taken changed the way each job is. Roles are changing and human power requirement is constantly decreasing. This affects the area of human resource management in a different way.

A common assumption is that the roles of a HR will see a drastic change in companies that are making more use of new technologies. But on the other hand some people believe that the responsibilities have increased for human resource management professionals.


This being the changing phase from traditional methods to digital ones, the existing methodologies and models are becoming obsolete. This calls for the HR to work hard on shifting the system towards more agile model than the existing rigid ones.

Does MBA help after engineering-Lexicon MILE

In recent years, it has become a trend to pursue an MBA as a choice of post-graduation for engineers. There could be several reasons for this ranging from wanting to shift to management positions to realizing the value of a management degree. The first step in planning to pursue a management degree after engineering is to have a clear future career goal. This would help you choose the right path in post-graduation to achieve your goals.

  1. Reasons to do MBA after engineering:

Investment banking as a career post-MBA-Lexicon MILE

Investment banking has been a go-to industry for fresh graduates who complete their MBA. This specific sector of banking or finance helps companies in raising capital for their organization. They also specialize in offering consultancy services to them. The high paying potential of this sector makes it the most longed for a career for many. Getting into a career as an investment banker is bewildering but not impossible. It requires you to stand out in a crowd full of intelligent people and show them your real potential. Most top-notch banks prefer MBA graduates for they are pretty well-versed in finance and analytics.