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Mobile Wallet Market Is Growing at a CAGR of 52% During the Forecast Period

The global mobile wallet market will reach $3155.1 billion in 2020, growing with a CAGR of 52.0%. The growth in smartphone and mobile internet users, and convenience and accessibility are some of the factors, driving the growth of the global mobile wallet market. The growing preference for reward and loyalty programs is expected to give a major boost to the growth of the global mobile wallet market in future.

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The global commercial satellite imaging market is growing at a a CAGR of 14.2% during 2018 – 2023. Commercial satellite imaging offers geospatial data and information in the form of real-time images. These images, which are captured through satellite imagery systems, are utilized for various purposes such as natural resource management, geographical border surveillance, construction project mapping, and environmental monitoring. Besides, the increasing adoption of location-based services (LBS) by various end-users, including commercial enterprises, government, defense, civil engineering, forestry and agriculture, insurance and energy, is expected to support the growth of the market.

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School offering Tuition advised that they are now Bookings for their 2019 Summer Intensive English Courses in Brighton

Loxdale English Centre planning ahead to meet growing demand for their English Courses in Brighton

The Loxdale English Centre is considered to be a top institution in terms of which students can enrol to improve their knowledge and usage of English.

The school offers courses at different levels to ensure that students from all backgrounds have the best chance to enrol for a course that will help them to improve their English. The school has attracted thousands of students over the years and have assisted these students to improve their English in terms of all the important aspects of what language is about, for example reading, listening, writing and general communication.

Loxdale English Centre offering Students the Opportunity to Test their English Level prior to enrolling in 2018 & beyond

Top Brighton School makes it easy for students to enrol for their English courses by offering them a test to establish the level best suited to their experience

The well-known Loxdale English Centre in Brighton, England, has long been recommended for the quality of their teaching, the experience of their teachers and the course material they make available to students.

Over the years thousands of students from different parts of the world have enjoyed the benefits of having attended courses that can be taken at the Centre in order to improve their English.

Africa Stationery Market to Expand at a CAGR of 6.1% (2016-2024)

Africa Stationery Market

According to Goldstein Research, Africa stationery market is anticipated to reach USD4.5 billion by the end of 2024, growing at a CAGR of 6.1%. In Africa, the improvement of the education sector and the rising number of student enrolments in school is primarily driving the growth of the stationery market. The continuously increasing demand for stationery in the region is witnessed to fulfill majorly by the Gulf countries. Moreover, as the demand is highly price & quality sensitive, the products imported from Gulf & Asian countries are more successful than the imports from Europe & America. Further based on geography, Africa stationery market is majorly dominated by South Africa with 35.0% market share, owing to the economic development & literacy rate statistics. South Africa is further followed by Egypt & Nigeria stationery market, which together holds nearly 30.0% share of the market.

Child Protection Week Stranger Danger Online App Release by Kerrys Computer Company

Kerrys Computer Company is proud to release the first of its kind – Stranger Danger Online breaks down the steps predators are using to groom people online. As you move through the data centre you encounter various people mining data and discussing the training information. You will also encounter ways in which you can protect yourself online. This is a great way to have fun while getting educated.

Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia., September 21, 2018 — National Child Protection Week Stranger Danger Online App, Stranger Danger Online making education fun.

Stranger Danger Online Available on Android and IOS

Racing to Read–A Virtual Teacher for Your Child

: There are many ways to teach a child to read but it happens sometimes that someone finds it difficult or time-consuming. Teaching a child with fun is the most suitable way for his or her proper development. The initial stage of a child’s learningis sometimes the most important and difficult to achieve. With time the help of technology there is a new way to teach a child. Recently,Integrated Design Solutions Inc launched a new app namedRacing To Read. This application is all about fun activities designed to help your child with reading.


The global e-signature market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.7% during the forecast period, to reach $9,073.1 million by 2023. Electronic signature refers to signatures in electronic form, which helps in speeding documentation processes and making them secure. Growing security concern, rising government support coupled with rising adoption of advance technology in the developing countries, such as India, China, and Brazil, is likely to spearhead the growth of the global e-signature market. In addition, with increasing e-commerce market, growing government focus towards eliminating paperless work and growing number of connected devices, including smartphone, tablet and laptop, is further expected to drive the demand of e-signature across the globe.


The cyber security market is growing at a CAGR 10.7% during 2018-2023 and will reach a size of $165.2 billion by 2023. The cyber security market has been gaining traction due to its increased adoption in multiple industries, such as aerospace and defense, government, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, retail, IT & telecom, and manufacturing. Cyber security solutions have been garnering higher revenues as compared to services; however, a higher growth is being witnessed in the services category. They enable enterprises to identify threats and protect organizations’ data from lethal cyber-attacks. It speeds up the process of noticing attacks and enables organizations to adopt predictive measures in combating cyber-crimes, which has been driving its market.


The global energy management system market is growing at a CAGR of 17.3% during 2018 – 2022. Based on components of EMS, control system was the largest market. EMS enables large corporations and firms to monitor their energy consumption, and further manage and control it, to achieve energy efficiency goals by using sophisticated energy usage control techniques. However, to enhance the adoption of EMS, governments in many countries are expected to come up with laws, mandating the usage of these systems in large corporate and commercial buildings.

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