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DER Management Technologies Market Will See Strong Expansion Through 2024

Smart grid, micro-grid, and storage deployments are advancing the scope and reach of distributed energy resources management technologies. Distributed energy resources (DER) are growing globally and network operators are facing the challenge of integrating technologies of low-carbon energy and operating a more flexible system. Smart grid solutions is an innovative technology in DER integration and control products. This provides optimum and efficient energy management services for power utilities as well as for DER operators. Distributed energy resources can be integrated to provide power required to meet the regular demand. As electricity grids continue to modernize, DER management technologies such as storage and advanced renewable technologies can help facilitate the transition to smart grid. In order to deploy DER in an efficient, widespread, and cost-effective manner; complex integration with the existing electricity grid is required. DER is considered as the next-age electricity infrastructure with integration and smooth transition of the electricity generation industry. Grid edge technologies for DER integration are being deployed by utilities. This solution would help utilities deal with ageing grid infrastructure or outages during storms. In the recent years, residential and commercial customers are taking advantage of decreasing cost of the technology as well as favorable government policies to adopt DER including solar photovoltaic (rooftop solar) batteries, wind turbines, diesel generators, energy management systems, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems. Due to integration of DER management technologies into distribution grids, strong communication channels to send commands on customer’s choices have developed.

High Mobility Semiconductor Materials Market Set For Rapid Growth And Trend, By 2026

High mobility semiconductors materials possess high conductivity between metals and insulators and contains higher electron and hole mobility, as compared to regular semiconductor materials. High mobility semiconductor materials conductivity can be varied across a range, which makes them popular in electronic device applications such as transistors, solar cells, and light emitting diodes. Silicon is the most commonly used semiconductor material owing to its relatively low cost and easy availability for microelectronic applications.

Graphene or grapheme-based materials are a highly popular type of high-mobility semiconductor materials due to their exceptional properties. Graphene is made of two equivalent sub-lattices of carbon atoms bonded together with sigma bonds. These materials provide high mobility to semiconductors.

Subsea Valves Market to Witness Steady Growth During the Forecast Period 2016-2024

The global subsea valves market is primarily fuelled by the rising demand for energy and the soaring count of offshore oil and gas projects. In addition, the increasing demand for subsea valves from the manufacturing and process industry owing to less operating cost and enhanced safety will positively impact the growth of the market for subsea valves. There are a number of efforts taken to enhance water infrastructures in emerging nations. These efforts will also prove favorable for the global subsea valves market.

Global Static and Rotating Equipment (Oil and Gas) Market is predicted to scale up to US$35.8 Billion by 2022

The global static and rotating equipment market is expected to witness a swift growth on account of the advancements in infrastructure in the oil and gas midstream sector. Moreover, new refineries are being constructed and existing ones are revamped, thus pushing the demand for these equipment further. According to the expert panel of analysts at Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global static and rotating equipment market which stood at US$26.5 bn in 2013, is predicted to scale up to US$35.8 bn by 2022, exhibiting a 3.7% CAGR from 2014 to 2022. The production of oil from unconventional sources is expected to be one of the key factors behind the growth of this market during the forecast period.

Connected Mining Market to receive overwhelming hike in Revenues by 2023

Key segmentations in the global connected mining market are made on the basis of services, solutions provided, and regions. Each segment is described in terms of market statistics and latest user trends and demand values. Consulting, maintenance and support, and systems integration are the key segments in the global connected mining market as per services offered.

The report offers a high level of comprehensive analytics performed on the latest statistics on the global connected mining market. These analytics are used to gain valuable insights into the market’s future in terms of segment dynamics and predicted opportunities and restraints. The key projections in the global connected mining market have been generated through logical assumptions and proven research methodologies.

Thermoelectric Generators Market – Growth and Demand Forecast to 2025 – By Type, End User & Geography

9th October 2018 – Thermoelectric generators are solid-state devices that convert heat into electricity. Apart from traditional dynamic heat engines, thermoelectric generators comprise moving parts and are totally silent. Such generators have been used reliably for over year free of maintenance.

In comparison with large and traditional heat engines, thermoelectric generators possess lower efficiency. For small applications thermoelectric can become compact, simple, and scalable. Thermoelectric systems can be easily built to operate with small heat sources and minimal differences in temperatures. Such small generators can be produced enormously for use in automotive waste heat recovery.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Techniques In The Global Crude Oil And Natural Gas Market

Companies Included: Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum Corp., Rosneft, ADNOC, Iraq Ministry of Oil, National Iranian Oil Company, Exxon Mobil Corp., Statoil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP Plc

The crude oil and natural gas extraction industry comprises establishments engaged in crude petroleum and natural gas extraction and natural gas liquid extraction.

The crude oil and natural gas market in this report is segmented into crude oil extraction and natural gas extraction.

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The global crude oil and natural gas market has been declining in the past years with a CAGR of almost -13%. The year 2017 recorded decline in this market with a net market value more than 70% lower than that of 2013, as per TBRC’s in-house consultants.

North America Medium Speed Large Generators Market to Surpass $ 155 Million by 2023: TechSci Research’s Latest Report

According to TechSci Research report, North America Medium Speed Large Generators Market By Application, By Country, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2013-2023, the medium speed large generators market in North America is forecast to reach $ 155 million by 2023. Key factors that are expected to boost demand for medium speed large generators in the region are increasing residential construction investments, rising number of hotels & lodging properties and growing per capita electricity consumption. Some of the major players operating in North America medium speed large generators market include Caterpillar Inc., Rolls Royce Power Systems AG and Wartsila Corporation. Backed by its extensive distribution network and high product quality, Caterpillar Inc. has been dominating the market.

Indonesia to Continue its Dominance in APAC Medium Speed Large Generators Market through 2023

According to TechSci Research report, Asia-Pacific Medium Speed Large Generators Market By Application, By Country, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2013-2023’’, Asia-Pacific medium speed large generators market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 15% until 2023. Growth in the market is expected to be driven by increasing demand for electricity in the region’s industrial sector, high voltage & frequency fluctuations and growing number of highway construction and smart city projects across the region. Moreover, low electrification ratio, increasing investments in nuclear energy and presence of low-cost manufacturing facilities are anticipated to aid growth in the medium speed large generators market in Asia-Pacific during forecast period.

Increasing Use Of Polymer Optic Fiber In The Global Communication And Energy Wire And Cable Market – Companies Included: Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, Prysmian Group, Furukawa Electric Industries Ltd

Communication and energy wire and cable manufacturing companies offer insulated fiber optic cable and other communication and energy wire manufacturing. These include cable, coaxial cable, communications wire and cable.

The communication and energy wire and cable manufacturing market in this report is segmented in to fiber optic cable manufacturing and other communications and energy wire manufacturing.

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The global communication and energy wire and cable market has been growing in the past years with a CAGR of almost 4%. The year 2017 recorded growth in this market with a net market value more than 10% higher than that of 2013, as per TBRC’s in-house consultants.