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Invest in the Next Unicorn´s Private Placement and Grow your Net Worth

Claiming to be the Next Unicorn may sound bold, especially in fast growing and highly competitive industry such as FinTech. Nevertheless, in Konzortia Capital, we’re confident about the truth of this statement. Konzortia Capital has everything it takes to be the Next Unicorn of the Fintech industry, as well as one of the best private placement investments which could make you effectively grow your net worth, even during the current economic recession.

Best High Dividend Paying Stocks to Buy Now

High dividend paying stocks have many advantages, the main and most obvious one being the fact that they allow its holders to yield part of a company’s value and income periodically, rather than having to wait and sell the stocks in order to benefit from them. With this said, high dividend paying stocks are not easy to find, and even the highest dividend paying stocks have their own disadvantages. In Konzortia Capital, we proud ourselves of having potentially the best dividend paying asset to buy now, with many benefits that even the best high dividend paying stocks cannot provide.

Konzortia Capital: The Biggest Tech Stocks of 2021 and how to invest in them

The stock market’s quick recovery after a significant fall in March of this year has surprised many. This tendency for growth has been largely pushed by the tech industry, as the demand for technology saw a steep increase with the lockdowns that followed the COVID19 pandemic. Among the biggest tech stocks in 2020 are Nvidia Corp (NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Qorvo Inc. (QRVO) and Apple Inc. (AAPL). These are, for the most part hardware manufacturers that have released some of their most exciting products throughout the current year. The growth and that these stocks have achieved, however, does not compare of that which Konzortia Capital is expected to experience in 2021.
The biggest stocks in the past year, which do not only include hardware manufacturers, but other tech-based service companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Facebook experienced growth due to a higher demand of technology in general, but also due to other factors that make them somewhat unreliable investments. Most notably, the massive liquidity injections to the NASDAQ and some of the biggest stock exchanges. Due to this, it is speculated that the stock markets and the biggest tech stocks in 2020, might be contained in a financial bubble. There are, nevertheless, other tech related assets investments expected to outgrow in 2021 even 2020’s biggest tech stocks, particularly Konzortia Capital’s Kor.
The reason why Kor can be compared with the biggest tech stocks of the current moment is because, despite not being a stock in the strict sense of the word, it is an equity asset which will have the same degree of liquidity as a publicly traded stock. Kor is a new asset class that is going to be traded in a secondary market of liquid stock-like digital equities, similar to a stock market but ******. This secondary market will be hosted by one of Konzortia Capital’s subsidiary companies, Capitalista, under a new ****** market index called the New Asset Offering (or NAO, for short). As such, Kor maintains the inherent benefits of a private equity, such as the potential for exponential growth and high dividend yields, while also offering a clear exit strategy for investors.
Unlike the stock markets, which grew largely thanks to liquidity injections, the unprecedented growth experienced by the FinTech industry was solely based on demand. This is another reason why Kor could potentially be a more profitable and less risky investment than even the biggest tech stocks of 2020. As this asset holds no correlation to the stock market despite its stock-like liquidity, it’s also a great alternative for those looking to diversify their portfolio in times of high uncertainty
Whereas the biggest tech stocks are all from well-established companies within the industry, and thus can yield a very limited return on investment and no dividends for those who purchase them publicly, Konzortia Capital’s new asset class offers the best of both worlds, high growth potential and stock-like liquidity. For those interested in finding more information about the Kor, and how it might become one of the biggest tech stocks of 2021, you may click here:

Konzortia Capital: The Best Private Equity Investment of 2021

Finding a good private equity is not easy, less so in a year like the upcoming 2021, in which the world will be recovering from a ****** pandemic and a huge economic recession. Nevertheless, the question about which is going to be the best private equity investment in 2021 has a straight answer, and that is Konzortia Capital.

Scam adviser or art of defamation? All about Konzortia Capital’s hidden enemies´ dishonorable practices

Konzortia Capital was created following the vision of a better financial industry, a more inclusive economy and a more transparent model, taking fondly into account the main basis of a capitalist system. Due to the disruptive nature of this vision, it is making a lot of players in the market extremely uncomfortable.  With this said, it’s difficult to fathom the fact that someone would go out of their way to harm someone else’s credibility as part of their common business practices, more so, considering that there are companies that which businesses consist of doing just that.

Konzortia Capital on its way to Success Despite Ill Intended Allegations

The unprecedented growth of the FinTech industry from the 2018 up until this point, shows where the future relies in terms new technologies. And as a company, we feel extremely proud of the goals we’ve reached and the growth we’ve achieved throughout the last couple of years. Thanks to its unique and groundbreaking business model, Konzortia Capital has been recognized as one of the most revolutionary FinTech startups currently in the market.

Konzortia Capital to Address a 12 Trillion Dollar Market

The ****** Market Insight recently released its market studies on the field of digital banking, concluding that the digital banking market reached a value of 8 trillion dollars by the end of 2019, and this value is expected to reach up to 12 trillion dollars by 2026. The total money moved through digital banking transactions reached a stunning 700 trillion dollars in the current year. The digital banking market is moving at unprecedented speeds, and by the following decade, branching services could become rare.

MAK TAX Offers Advice on Using the Tax Refund Amount

Scarborough, ON, Nov 13, 2020 — MAK TAX & Accounting Services has recently released a document that states some of the smart ways to invest your tax refund money instead of spending them for daily expenses and exhausting the amount. MAK TAX & Accounting Services company is famous for its expertise in the bookkeeping field. The company has a long list of clienteles who approach this finance firm for advice on income tax filing in Scarborough. With their years of experience, the company has come up with a few smart ways to use the tax refund money instead of spending them on daily expenses.

(2020-2030) Trust And Foundations Market Size, Share, Growth And Trends

The Business Research Company’s latest report Trust and Foundations ****** Market Report 2020 covers trust and foundations market drivers, trust and foundations market trends, trust and foundations market segments, trust and foundations market growth rate, trust and foundations market major players, and trust and foundations market size. The report provides in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the trust and foundations industry, along with revised market numbers due to the effects of the coronavirus.
View Complete Report:******-market-report-2020-30-covid-19-growth-and-change

Tax Accountant Toronto Specializes in Offering Dependable Accounting Solutions to Professional Service Organizations

Tax accountant Toronto does any company’s monthly bookkeeping at a fraction of a full-time staff cost. They take pride in their talented team who are knowledgeable in all of the major accounting software programs. They also perform essential accounting functions like financial analysis, financial statement preparation, bank reconciliations, general ledger accounting, payroll, and accounts receivable/payable.

Having a highly experienced and skilled professional is essential to any businesse. Every client has unique requirements and getting the proper advice can save money and a considerable amount of frustration. Accountant Toronto company shows how companies and individuals can handle their situations to get the best benefits and results.