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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Market: An objective assessment of the trajectory of the market

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) refers to the category of solutions and tools that emphasize the detection, investigation, and mitigation of suspicious activities and problems on endpoints and hosts. As it is an emerging technology, a vast scope for expansion awaits the market.

The global market for endpoint detection and response devices has been segmented in terms of industry vertical, type of deployment, size of the organization, and geography. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and large-sized enterprises are the major segments of the market on the basis of organization size. The healthcare, government, BFSI, media and telecommunication, legal, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing are some of the key industry vertical segments. Managed, premise, and hybrid deployment are the key segments by type of deployment.

Performance and Availability Management Software Market: Market shares and strategies of key players

The advent of complex cloud, on premise and hybrid networks and systems has necessitated a regular check on the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of these systems. Performance and availability management software monitors, manages and consequently helps in optimizing application performance, databases and network infrastructure. This helps in adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reducing operational costs while enriching user experience and addressing issues that cause hindrance to the routine performance of applications, servers, networks and databases.

Server Software Market: Emerging niche segments and regional markets

The server software Market is driven by the growing need for efficient management, operation, and need for improving server computing power. Server software is meant for interacting with servers Hardware. Service Hardware such as memory devices, processors, input devices, communication ports, and output devices can interact with server software. So what software is installed on servers and can be accessed by multiple users who are present in the network. There are several servers present such as application server, database server, web server, cloud computing server, and file server.

Environmental Monitoring Technology Market: Reporting and evaluation of recent industry developments

Environmental monitoring technology includes technological advancements that in turn ensure protection and development of the environment and aligned nature constituents. It includes technologies that monitor diverse activities such as clean air, land contamination, waste management, resource optimization, monitoring of discharges into water, ozone depleting substances, recycling and so forth.

Environmental monitoring is a high innovation and technology-based industrial branch. Nanotechnology and biotechnology are anticipated to govern the development of environmental technology industry. Environmental monitoring is essential in order to protect the vulnerable environment of air, earth, water, and energy from the pressures of increasing world population and associated demands. This can be achieved by initially motoring the current aspect of these environmental variables and further delivering safe, efficient, and cost equitable technologies to deal with the cleaning of hazardous waste materials.

Antenna Transducer and Radome Market: Historical, current, and projected size of the market from the standpoint of both value and volume

An antenna is a device which transmits and receives radio-frequency signals. It converts electrical waves into radio waves and vice versa. Transducers are used for conversion of electric waves into radio waves. The radome is structure which protects antenna or radar system from damages. It also helps in hiding the antenna from the public view. Antenna, transducer, and radome technology has been developed for reliability in radar, sonar and communication systems. It helps in detecting small, non-linearly moving targets for radar and sonar applications. Antenna, transducer and radome are important equipment which enable wireless transmission/communication between two or more devices. Antennas, transducers, and radome are used in airspace, marine, and ground security applications to monitor a wide range of targets such as aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships and underwater objects.

Data Center Construction Market: Market segmentation up to the second or third level

A data center is a facility used by an enterprise to accommodate computer systems, server, network systems and other related components to support a company’s IT infrastructural needs. This basically involves storing, processing and serving large amounts of crucial data, which ranges from small servers to robust large industrial scale equipment and dedicated client architecture. The construction of data center is a critical task, which includes extensive planning in terms of location, storage, and material to be used in order to maintain and control environment within the data center. The location is an important factor to be considered while planning to build a data center as it is very necessary to keep the environment cool inside data center. The equipment inside data center such as server and storage are running 24×7 and they generate large amount of heat, which could result in equipment failures, further affecting efficiency of the service provider.

Data Brokers Market: Making informed business decisions by having complete insights of market

Data analytics continues to become more pervasive with businesses aiming to leverage consumer data to improve bottom-line. The bulk of data that is being generated from offline and online platforms is being utilized by enterprises to monitor operation and analyse consumer actions. Such data is typically retrieved for understanding trends, opportunities and patterns. However, the task can be quite complicated and may require external assistance. Data broker products are emerging as the go-to solution for such complex analytic requirements.

Application Virtualization Market: Distinctive graphics and analysis of major market segments

Application virtualization is a technology that isolates applications installed in the primary operating system (client computer) from other end-user computer or target computer without having to install the application directly on the end-use computer. The entire procedure is carried out by the process called sequencing the application, which enables the application to run on the self-structured environment at the client computer. The application files, settings and configuration is copied to the target device and the execution of the application is undertaken by the application virtualization layer.

Deception Technology Market: A complete backdrop analysis, which includes an assessment of the parent market

Network security is a progressive field with new technical expertise surfacing every day to address technology security concerns in a profound and more sophisticated way. One of these technologies presently revolutionizing the security field is the deception technology, which disables malware attacks by deceiving them in their own operation; thereby defending the enterprise against it.

Television Broadcasting Market: Important changes in market dynamics upto Forecast Period

Television broadcasting is a type of broadcasting in which a TV signal is transferred by radio waves from anearthbound transmitter of a TV station to televisionviewers. The TV industry has seen a noteworthyrevolution with the advent of digital broadcasting and the Internet. With the strong penetration of Internet anddeveloping digital ecosystemsaround the globe, online television broadcasting has been expanded in the past decade. However, traditional pay television still dominates the television broadcasting services market.