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Corporate Trips: You’re Choice of Hotel Counts

With the rise in the number of young entrepreneurs and the consequent rise in the number of start-ups and business ventures in India, the country has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of corporate travellers too. With business trips becoming a trend amongst corporate organizations nowadays, a number of corporate travel portals have gained popularity amongst such organizations, the reason being that a good corporate travel portal serves as an all-in-one solution for all issues related to business trips.

Choosing the Best Hotel for Your Business Trip

Planning and organizing a corporate trip is not at all a hectic business these days, thanks to the internet. Almost all the aspects related to a business trip can nowadays be taken care of using an online booking engine for corporates and enterprises. From booking flight tickets to hiring cars for local travel, a corporate travel portal is the one-stop solution for online travel booking and travel management. At the very outset of a corporate trip, one usually gets flight tickets booked. Having done that, one starts browsing the internet in search of a suitable hotel to stay. That’s when a hotel booking online portal for corporates comes in handy. Being a corporate traveller, have you ever wondered as to what all aspects of a hotel should you focus on before getting one booked for yourself? This write-up will reveal it all.

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Your Next Corporate Trip

Travel trips; be it for leisure or corporate purposes can be quite hassle-prone owing to the multiple things that need to be prepared beforehand for a comfortable and safe trip. Right from the reservations of the hotels to the management of the dates. For this very purpose, we bring to keep five notifies to keep in mind before your next travel trip. So, without any further ado, let’s get through it.

Best Places in South India for Honeymooners

Honeymooners always look for an exotic, romantic andquite place for their honeymoon trip. This is because they want to spend some quality time together and start their journey of new married life. India is blessed with so many hill stations, sea beaches, dense forests and much more for which it is one of the most visited countries in the world by the tourists. If you are planning your honeymoon then you should head to South India. There you can get huge options to choose from. The beauty of southern part of India that is field with lush green forests, backwaters, hill stations, tea gardens, picturesque village, pilgrims, etc. opens the romantic gatway for the honeymoon couples. Here are the best places in South India where you can plan your honeymoon.

Tanzania’s Serengeti ‘Most Popular African Safari Destination’

The sprawling Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is the most popular place to go on safari in Africa, according to the results of a new survey that also includes the east African country among the top locations for going on honeymoon or safari on the massive continent.

In a poll by Google Surveys for UK-based Africa travel experts Tanzania Odyssey , the Serengeti was the safari destination most known by respondents (44.8%), with Kruger National Park in South Africa the second most popular place (43.2%) to go on safari. Part of the Serengeti — famous for its annual wildebeest migration — is in Kenya, but most of its 30,000 square kilometres is in northern Tanzania.

Kenya and Tanzania Among Favoured African Holiday Destinations: Poll

Kenya and Tanzania are among the most popular choices of travellers if they had to pick a location in Africa to honeymoon or go on safari, according to the results of a new poll.

The neighbouring countries in the enormous continent of 54 nations and territories emerged as the favourite of people who would plan a trip to Africa if they didn’t have to worry about costs. That’s what a Google Surveys poll for UK-based travel firm Africa Odyssey found.

Corporate Travel Portal: The Pros and Pros of Choosing the Best One

How does a corporate travel portal facilitate organizations?

A corporate travel portal is the best option for corporate organizations to plan and organize business trips for their employees. Corporate Travel Portal is an online booking engine. It houses all information pertaining to corporate travel, right from booking flights to booking hotels, sightseeing packages, cruises and even cars for the local commute, thus providing completely customized and globally accessible travel management solutions to corporate organizations. It stores and makes accessible a plethora of travel resources. Corporate organizations ought to opt for a portal that combines ease and simplicity with advanced, intuitive cost control, while also being user-friendly.

Wise Choices Can Lead to a Pleasant and Successful Business Trip

Well preparedness leads to a smoother travel experience

All corporate travellers would concur with as well as corroborate the fact that the most worrisome and demanding part of a business trip is getting reservations done on time. Be it a flight ticket reservation or a hotel reservation, missing out on one, could lead to a huge loss in business. It is, therefore, a wise step to make use of an online travel booking and travel management portal/website which is aimed at integrating various services that ease one’s travel experience to a great extent. These days, such websites even help organizations and/or the corporate travellers prepare an itinerary. You can always enjoy a hassle-free business trip if only you get your departure, as well as arrival tickets, booked well in advance.

The Perks and Merits of using a B2B travel group for your corporate trips

B2B hotel booking portals in India are online web portals that enable and enhance the tedious process of booking and reserving lodging spaces for any and every kind of travel. Specially designed for the corporate sector, the websites are designed to deliver an easy, hassle-free and quick process of reservation for your upcoming trip. B2B travel websites work with the idea of distributing the work and thereby working efficiently. It works in collaboration with various hoteliers on one hand and the travel groups and agencies on the other hand. These very travel groups, agencies and partners associate them to several hoteliers. The process of connecting different travel agencies helps to divide the work of reservation and is a great way of providing various avenues to the small business groups.

Travel Visa Pro Expands to 49 Locations

Travel Visa Pro can now help world travelers across the United States with their visa and passport needs.

The passport and visa expediting agency is pleased to announce that it has expanded to 49 locations, giving it the capability of serving clients across the country.

“We have wonderful, dedicated employees who help thousands of people travel every day,” co-owner Kestutis Gregeris said. “We pride ourselves on helping our travelers get to where they need to go. Now we can help more travelers reach their destinations.”