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What the UK tipping laws mean for the hospitality industry

When you think of tipping, you might consider it something of an American trait. After all, in the States, the act of tipping is a serious business — in fact, it makes up an employee’s livelihood. But in the UK, a tip has always been seen as an act of generosity rather than necessity; our staff are given a minimum wage, after all, so a tip is often deemed as a reward for notably good service, rather than a given.

Automotive Ignition System is Projected to Grow US$ 15 Bn by 2027

Key Findings – Automotive Ignition System Market

The estimated market size for automotive ignition system in 2019 – Over US$ 15 Bn

****** automotive ignition system market value to expand at nearly 4% CAGR over 2019-2027.

RRI anticipates approximately 1.4X growth in the revenue, for automotive ignition system market, between 2019 and 2027.

Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) is cited as a highly lucrative regional market for automotive ignition system manufacturers.

Two-wheeler sales to remain most prominent in developing regions, providing a strong impetus to the growth of automotive ignition system market.

How can I contact the Delta Airlines customer care team?

Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines of the United States which covers 304 destinations through its flights spanning 52 countries over six continents. The airline has a fleet size of 889 through which it operates domestic and international flights. Also, the airline has different hubs in America and operates 5400 flights on a regular basis and serve with plenty of passenger-friendly services.

Above all, when any passenger faces any kind of problem with its services, in that case, the airline offers Delta Airlines customer care number to provide them with reliable and complete customer support. Read this post to know the ways in which you can contact the Delta Airlines customer service team.

Activities to Do During Travel in Nepal

Here are some general ideas on what to do in Nepal, if you are clueless (I doubt you’ll be if you are in Nepal).


  • Trekking hills


  • Mountaineering


  • Sightseeing


  • Adventure travel


  • Cultural


  • Recreational Activities


  • Religious tourism


  • ********


  • Others


Trekking and mountaineering:


Tips for Business Travel in Germany

International business travel can often lead to German shores. Germany is a traditional commercial market that is still going strong and as such; attracts many foreign business travelers to its major commercial hubs. Bearing in mind the sheer number of businessmen and women travelling to Germany in lieu of commercial activity and business transactions; a guide to business travel, accommodation and business etiquette in Germany is a valuable information resource. This article aims to serve as such a resource with tips for business travel to Germany. Read further to know more.


Wondering why Chennai is so popular? Read This

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the most culturally rich cities of India and it has been attracting visitors from all over the world. Be it the heat of the sun or the lack of greenery that you find there, as compared to other cities of the state, you will love Chennai for what it has in store for you. The richness of the city’s cultural heritage and the warmth of the people make it the perfect cultural capital.

How to Prevent Business Travel Burnout

The jobs of most entrepreneurs and businessmen require them to be on-the-go 24×7, which means that travelling is essentially an inseparable part of their jobs. The specific term coined for such people is ‘road warriors’, particularly because they have to always be on the beck and call of their client and/or company. Every businessman’s or entrepreneur’s day begins and ends with planning, with incessant calculations of timings of corporate meetings and flights. More often than not, amidst such highly calculated itineraries, the time they owe to themselves is lost.

Automotive Camshaft Followers Market : Competitive Insight and Key Drivers 2019 – 2028

Automotive Camshaft Followers Market: Market Outlook

Over the past decades, there has been significant improvement and addition in the automotive market worldwide. As the demand has risen for fuel efficient, high performance and technically developed modern vehicles, the automotive component market has observed a substantial growth.

Automotive camshaft followers are a significant part of automotive engine controlling systems. Automotive camshaft followers are specific bearings that follow cam portion profiles. These components play an important role in ensuring the valve timing of an automotive engine. These are guide rollers for cam mechanism and experience linear motion. Moreover, different kinds of camshaft followers are found in vehicles that include flat faced followers, mushroom followers, roller followers, knife edge followers to name a few

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