Animal Medicine Market Type, Value and Industry Forecast to 2022

The “****** Animal Medicine Market 2019” report has been added to The Business Research Company reports database. The report also digs into all the major market players across the globe.

The animal medicine market consists of sales of animal medicine and related services by entities that produce animal medicine to treat animal diseases. This industry includes establishments that produce veterinary pharmaceuticals such as veterinary vaccines, veterinary antibiotics, and other veterinary pharmaceuticals. It also includes establishments that produce medical feed additives and nutritional feed additives.

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Mergers And Acquisitions In The Veterinary Healthcare Market

The new concern in the veterinary community is the wave of corporatisation hitting the industry. With Mars’ acquisition of Veterinary Medicine Company, small market players began to feel disenfranchised and restricted by the corporatization. Mars also expanded into the pet healthcare industry in 2015, with the acquisition of BluePearl. This corporatization could work as a positive force by centering the veterinarian agency and autonomy and also support the infrastructure and business training to the veterinarians, without rigidly dictating the smaller players. As the animal healthcare industry consolidates, the margins are expected to witness some resiliency. Potential acquisition targets also offer some interesting investment opportunities.