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Say Goodbye to Mental Health Billing Woes With 247MBS

As one of the leading providers of medical billing services, 247MBS has been helping mental health experts improve their collection rates and streamline their revenue cycles.

From handling insurance claims processing and payment posting to conducting unpaid claims follow-ups and verification of benefits, the expert team of coders and billers at 247MBS has been providing comprehensive services to clients across the US.

The team at 247MBS has expert knowledge of the latest insurance rules, coding requirements and government regulations that helps ensure the financial health of medical practices in a fast and efficient manner.

Avail 1-Month Free Mental Health Billing with 247MBS

In an effort to provide top-notch billing solutions and to help mental health experts get paid on time, 247MBS, a leading medical billing company has announced its 1-month free billing offer. With this exclusive offer, 247MBS intends on helping providers survive complex billing challenges and get paid on time.


Healthcare expert at 247MBS- “Due to the recent changes in procedure and diagnostic codes, several challenges have cropped up for mental health billing. Even variability in requirements across public and private insurers has posed issues for providers. This is one of the main reasons why managing medical collections has turned into a burden for practice owners. To help providers overcome this challenge, we have come up with this offer. For an entire month, a dedicated team will be assigned to our clients and they won’t be charged for the services.”

How Do The Medical Billing Cycles Work?

For healthcare providers, the medical billing cycle is based on code sets, especially the ICD-10 code set.

There are several steps involved in the billing cycle, registration of patients, conformation of financial responsibilities, patient check-in and check-out, preparation of claims, checking compliance, transmission of claims, monitoring adjudication, generation of patient statements and follow-up on patient payments.

To get paid on time, it is necessary for practices to hire a reliable billing company such as 247MBS that follows a streamlined method of billing. Reputed billing companies work with well-trained billers who complete every step of the billing cycle with precision.

Who Creates And Maintains Medical Billing Codes?

When it comes to creation and maintenance of medical billing codes, then the AMA (American Medical Association) handles the same. The ICD Codes are maintained by the WHO (World Health Organisation).


The advisor panel at the AMA reviews and updates the codes on a yearly basis. CPT or Current Procedural Terminology is regulated by the AMA and Fee Schedule decides how much should be paid for each CPT or service. It is important for the medical billing companies to follow the trends that are set by the American Medical Association.

Who Are The Leading Providers Of Outsourced Medical Billing?

This is quite a tough question to answer because there are several billing companies doing credible and good quality work across the US. To a great extent, choice of a Medical Billing partner can depend on the requirements of the practice.


However, irrespective of the what the practice needs are, it is recommended to hire a billing company that offers customised solutions.

For instance, billing companies like 247MBS offer top-notch, customised solutions to practices of all sizes. They have a team of experienced billers and coders who are well-trained and certified. It is very important to hire a billing company that has experienced billers who can deliver results.

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing And Coding?

Many practices are skeptical of Outsourcing Medical Billing and coding services because they feel they won’t be in control of their revenue cycle.

What they fail to realize is that if they have partnered with a reputed company such as 247MBS, they cannot only get paid faster and boost revenue but also reduce overhead costs and get more time to focus on delivering quality care.

A good Medical Billing Company will help practices stay in complete control over their cash flow. From improving revenue and offering tangible results to identifying issues and working on them, there are several different ways in which medical billing outsourcing can benefit a medical practice.

Why Is Outsourcing Medical Billing a Good Idea?

Medical Billing outsourcing is a good idea because partnering with a reliable billing company gives practices the access to professional billers and coders.

Billing challenges can take a toll on any practice. So it is always better if a dedicated team of billers and coders are handling this task. This frees up a lot of time for provides to focus on quality care delivery.

Billing companies like 247MBS also help practices reduce their overhead costs and streamline their revenue cycle. They help them identify issues with their billing and revenue cycle and offer solutions to bring their practice back on track.

What Are The Quality Checks In Revenue Cycle Management-Medical Billing?

A keen quality check of revenue cycle management is vital if a healthcare provider wants to run a profitable practice.

From defining the goals and staying viable as per the key performance indicators to staying alert about policy and regulatory changes, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that the revenue cycle is streamlined.

Many practices prefer to hire reliable billing partners like 247MBS for this task because it requires time and effort.

Only when a team of professionals are handling your revenue cycle, evaluating every aspect of it and making necessary changes, you can expect to get good returns.

How Can Medical Billing And Coding Services Help You Practice Revenue Improvement?

First and foremost, effective medical billing and coding services are required for timely and error-free claim submission. If claims have errors and are not being submitted on time,  practices will face huge revenue loss.

With the resources, manpower and infrastructure of reliable medical billing companies such as 247MBS, providers can not only boost revenue but also save time and deliver quality patient care.

When a practice outsources medical billing services, it get access to a dedicated team of revenue cycle experts who work 24/7 to get them paid on time for rendered services and also reduce claim denials.

How Do Outsourcing Medical Billing Is Good For a Business?

If you are not satisfied with how your in-house billing team is handling your revenue cycle, then outsourcing is certainly a good option. Reputed billing companies such as, 247MBS work with the best of medical billers and coders who are aware of the billing needs and challenges of different practices.

They are not only dedicated to get you paid on time by submitting clean claims but they also remain updated with the latest industry changes to help their clients run a profitable practice. Outsourcing gives you more time to focus on what you do the best- delivering patient care.