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Summer heat – how sensitive are cats – Cat’s Best

Summer Heat & Cat

How sensitive are cats?

Some people find the heat very wearing. But how do our domestic tigers feel about high temperatures?

As animals whose ancestors came from the desert, they can actually cope quite well with summer conditions. All the same, you must never leave a cat on its own in an overheated room, still less in a closed car – cats too can suffer heatstroke!

The sweat glands of cats are located in the area of the lips, on the anus, around the mammary ridge and above all on the balls of the paws. The cat’s ears also dissipate heat.

How do you get a shy cat to trust you | Nervous Cat | Cat Anxiety

Do you have an anxious cat and want it to become more trusting? 

Well, first things first: You are not alone the issue you are facing is not unusual!

Many cats are shy or nervous and react anxiously in certain situations.

The typical signs of signs of stress in cats are:

shock-induced paralysis
cowering position
tail flat alongside or underneath the body
tail bushy and a tad bent
ruffled fur, standing on end
wide opened eyes
widened pupils
flat, bent ears
rapid breathing
release of urine or faeces

Free Roaming Cats: What to Do — Cats Best

Roaming cat or house cat?

People who plan or are obliged to move house a lot, if they want to have a cat as a pet, should decide to opt for a cat who stays at home.

Roaming or House cat

This is because basically cats do not cope well with a change of place. Outdoor cats frequently return to their original home territory, even if it is quite a few miles away from their new home.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe During the Holidays | Cat’s Best

It’s the holidays coming up –
What about the cat?

When the cat stays at home, it often means a whole lot of head-scratching for cat owners. What are we going to do about the resident mog, when we take off for a well-deserved break? Above all at this time of year, with the summer half term holidays coming up, this is frequently a burning issue.


One possible option is to put your pet into a cattery. Here you need to be sure that the premises are suitably furnished for cats, and that the people running it can handle individual requirements – special diets, food allergies, not being able to get on with other cats and so on. Cleanliness and good ventilation are of course a must. 

Getting a kitten, The essential guide – Cat’s Best

There ought to be strong warnings in place against kittens!

You only need to pick up that fuzzy ball of fur once – maybe it fits perfectly on your outstretched hand. The tiny kitty is as soft and as light as a feather, and fluffier than anything you have ever known; when the little fellow blinks at you with those bright, over-sized eyes and lets out a penetrating “miaoooow” you have already lost.

Congratulations! You have just decided to share your life with a cat!

7 things nobody tells you about getting a cat or kitten as a pet | Cat’s Best

You can purchase practically anything on the basis of a spontaneous decision.  
But not a companion animal! 

Getting a Cat

So you’ve been wishing you had a cat for some time, and are seriously thinking of getting one? And you’re finally contemplating actually taking steps in this direction? Then you really need to be aware, first of all, that when you acquire a cat, a cat is for life (almost) and not just for Christmas! – After all, cats can live to an age of more than twenty years. 

How to stop cat from scratching door, sofa, furniture

Here’s how to train your cat not to scratch

‘Velvety paws’ you bet – the little darlings can be quite destructive!

People with cats realise eventually – after their favourite arm chair has been shredded – that cats organise ‘their home’ quite systematically themselves. So if you want to keep a “Bonsai Tiger” in your living room, you must be prepared to face some quite new challenges. 

If you were just planning to install some designer furniture and redo the wallpaper… you’d better wait a while until you’re single again, because sofas, wooden furniture and wallpaper are top of the cat scratching hit list.