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How to get the best out of your hotel bookings?

Looking for a hotel room for your next vacation or business trip can affect your trip budget in plenty of ways. By keeping these five simple rules in mind, you can ensure a practical yet satisfying stay at the accommodation of your choice:

1) Read user reviews before picking a hotel

the view of the hotel in brochure cannot be always the same as it looks like in reality. So, before you decide to book that hotel, make sure you read reviews of people who have stayed in that hotel in the past. Make sure the reviews are from a trustable website. If you think the reviews are not satisfactory, it would be safe to choose another option.

Booking hacks to score the cheapest hotels

If you are in a business where you need to travel frequently or have to book hotels for someone, you would know how tedious hotel bookings can turn out to be. It takes your considerable amount of time to search for the best possible hotel and then you have to compare the prices on various hotel booking portals. Unless you are registered with a corporate travel portal, it gets even more difficult to find a hotel that fits the bill for the particular needs of a business traveller. Here are some tips and hacks that can help you bag the cheapest hotel. EVERY.SINGLE. TIME.

Travel Portal and its Several Benefits

People, especially those who are planning to take a cross-continental tour for the very first time as a business traveller might be curious and interested in knowing about the benefits of using a corporate travel portal. These OTAs – Online Tour Agencies are often one of the best source to chalk out an emergency corporate trip. However, there is more to offer than just a trip. There are several aspects of these B2B travel websites that are often not known. One of the most used facility is flight booking. But a host of other bookings like hotel and flight bookings, land packages and cab rentals is what makes these travel portals popular.

Why Travel Agents Want To Develop Online Travel Portals

In today’s world of extreme competition in travel business, travel agents are looking at ways to create an online travel portal like that of big market players. This holds true especially in case of B2B market players as creating a corporate travel portal is essential to run a successful business. An online portal seems like the best option to fetch information about a destination of your preference along with relevant packages and costs of flights, hotel rates and policies.

The need to have an online travel portal

Boost Your Travel Business with B2b and B2c Travel Portal

Development of a strong online portal for corporates is a task that needs some firm capabilities on various levels. Whether you talk about planning the right database or guest user interface design, or a link with suppliers of travel related services, there are numerous tasks that have to be accomplished.

Booking through a corporate travel portal comes with its own benefits. While a B2B is most suitable for transactions that involve dealing with another business, a b2C on the other hand deals with end user clients. Travel portals are the next generation platforms that effectively deliver innovative and easy bookings on the web. It is no surprise that most of the established businesses of the world are greatly influenced due to B2B travel portals by getting higher revenues and enhanced relationships with their customers and partners.

The Ultimate Guide to Hotel Marketing – Make Technology Your Best Friend

Like any other business that wants to succeed, hotels need a strong marketing to sell their product (read rooms). In order to market your hotel, why not let technology come to your aid? If you are just starting out, read ahead to take a few quick tips that always seem to work!

1.Understand the buying cycle of traveller

The first step to market your hotel is to understand the mind-set of your potential buyer. Any prospective buyer, whether leisure, business, luxury or budget would go through these stages!


•The actual experience

•After taste

How Travel Agents Can Benefit From B2B Travel System

All around the world, B2B booking systems are providing incredible growth opportunities and various benefits to travel agents. It enables them to reach a mass audience which otherwise may not be easily achievable. It helps the travel agencies in generating higher sales and considerably higher amount of leads to work on, an absolute necessity to survive in the thriving competition in travel market and earn sufficient profits. Besides that, it also enables the travel agents and registered partners to book travel products on a simplified platform and simplifies the documentation process and bookings. For the myriad of benefits it offers, B2B travel booking system is one of the most crucial component in achieving success by enhancing their revenues and sales.

5 Best Locations for Corporate Retreat

There was a time when corporate meetings were annoying, and you felt like you are a soldier going to a war zone. But nowadays, Indian companies give an opportunity to visit many beautiful locations while you attend meetings, conferences and seminars. And, corporate retreats are what employees wait eagerly to attend. After all, who doesn’t want a paid holiday at 4-star or 5-star hotels at a location you might never get a chance to visit on your own. There is much corporate travel portal which can now help with your booking, whether it is a flight or rail booking or whether it’s your hotel or sightseeing. These days almost all the hotels are well-equipped with conference material and helping staffs for any corporate gatherings.

The Easiest Way to Find Cheap Hotels Without Compromising the Quality of Service

Corporate Traveling depends on a lot of factors which also include accommodation and place where you stay. Every traveler wants to get best-staying hotels so they can enjoy their trip. Also, getting a good hotel is important as it gives you a sense of satisfaction and a nice hotel services make you feel welcome to the place. It lets you be positive and stay energetic to plan your further trip. For first time corporate travelers, they can get help from Online Travel Booking and Travel Management where they can get a room with quality services.

Online Travel Solution for Corporates Eases Client Travel for Work Purposes

When you will check online travel solution for corporates, you may get well-designed corporate travel portals highlighting the services they provide to the customers. Businesses offer their clients with personalized services using the power of a ****** travel network providing umpteen exclusive services.

Relevant businesses like roomsxpert.com help the customers to grow. The corporate travel experts are dedicated to simplifying your corporate travel experience, and they help corporate travel to be more comfortable and faster. Here is the list of exquisite services granted by the travel partners.

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