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Loxdale English Centre Rated Top for Value

Brighton English language school gets the nod from EL Gazette

Loxdale English Centre in Brighton is pleased to announce that EL Gazette has named Loxdale as one of their top value private English language schools in the UK. The EL Gazette is a well respected newspaper that focuses on the English language as well as international education.

“We are pleased that our daily commitment to finely tuned and professionally recognised method of teaching English has been recognised in the esteemed EL Gazette,” says Zoe Smith, Marketing Officer for Loxdale English Centre.

English Is The Key To A Top University Education

Start the journey to a bright future with an accredited General English Course

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the year have been released and both of the top two institutions, University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge University, are in the UK. This was the first time in the 14 year history of the rankings that the two top spots were taken by UK universities, edging out the California Institute of Technology to third place.

Summer Intensive English Course Brighton from Loxdale English Centre

Loxdale English Centre provides summer intensive English courses in Brighton in 2018.

Loxdale English Centre is a leading English training centre located in Brighton in the United Kingdom catering to children and adults from around the world who want to learn English as a second language. This very well-established English school has been catering to students since 1968 offering a full range of quality English courses to help clients improve their English and help them communicate effectively.

More Students Requiring English For Study Purposes But Don’t Know Their English Level

Loxdale English Centre offers English level tests and best courses to improve English language skills

English-speaking countries such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand require a high level of English skills before they approve work and study visas for international students. However, most international students do not know what level they are at and struggle to find appropriate courses to meet their learning needs.

“Studying English online, whether with a live tutor or a text-based programme, is extremely difficult,” says Zoe Smith, Marketing Officer for Loxdale English Centre in Brighton, England. “While some students have success with online programmes, most find it difficult to find the right course. The main problem is that students don’t know their current level of English proficiency.”

Language Learning Comes Alive in Brighton English School

Loxdale English Centre challenges students to beat the odds in learning the ****** language

A new study has highlighted the difficulties people experience in learning English. The study, which went viral on social media, attracted more than 600 000 responses, more than enough to make fairly reliable findings. The study found that the ability to acquire English like a native speaker declines from around age 18. It also found the best way to learn English is through immersion.

Learn English Together in Brighton

Loxdale English Centre offers total immersion General English for better learning

Recent research has underlined just how difficult it can be to learn English. Starting from a low level of proficiency or as a beginner can be extremely challenging in a regular classroom. Loxdale English Centre takes its approach from latest studies in English learning, using a programme that involves total immersion in English language and life to enhance and speed up the learning process.

General English is a lively and imaginative programme that helps students learn to communicate confidently and fluently in everyday English,” says Zoe Smith, Marketing Officer for Loxdale English Centre. “It’s great fun to learn English in the company of like minded people from all around the world.”