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Female business travellers: A demographic you can’t risk ignoring

About a year ago, the corporate world, government and the movie industry (especially in the United States) were caught off guard and stunned by revelation after revelation of sexual misconduct by well-known figures. The world today is more aware now about improper behaviour by men, particularly by those in positions of authority or power, and many courageous women are to thank for vocalising their experiences through the #metoo movement.

Now, we’re not getting political in today’s AP Voice, but it is timely to think about the needs of the female business travellers (some of which relate to safety) and how independent hotels can meet the needs of this rising demographic.

Independent hotels must invest in social media

It won’t come as any great revelation that social media plays a crucial role in today’s competitive hospitality market. You know this already.

However, for many independent hotels, social media is at best a peripheral activity that is paid attention to on an ad hoc basis. Social media does not form a key pillar of the sales and marketing plan for these hotels, and they are more likely to voice concerns about how difficult it is to measure return on investment in social media marketing. We’re sympathetic to this. It’s natural that when you’re working with a limited budget and smaller resources than larger hotel chains that it would be difficult to justify the investment – both in terms of time and money – into social media.

Business travellers are spending more and paying for their own extras

A big part of our job is to make sure that we are on top of the latest news and insights that matter to your independent hotel. So sometimes it might feel like we’re sharing a lot of data here on AP Voice but we want to help you understand your clients to identify the best sales and marketing strategies to attract them and encourage repeat visits.

With that in mind, there are two recent business travel insights we wanted you to be aware of.

1) Increase in ****** business travel spending

Airbnb enters the meetings market: Should you worry?

We recently read a stat in WIT that after corporate travel, the meetings market (or MICE as it is called) is the next most lucrative sector for hotels and is the slowest in tech adoption. So it’s unsurprising that disruptive travel companies are shaking up the market. For independent hotels, this means both opportunity and increased competition, and we are keen to work with our hotel partners to identify how they can best promote their hotels’ meeting space.

Artificial Intelligence: How can it help your hotel?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. Every week we read reports about the how AI will fundamentally change the nature of work, replacing numerous jobs and leading to the creation of jobs that don’t yet exist. However, for many of us, AI seems to belong to a distant future rather than today’s reality. But independent hotels should be fully cognizant of the capabilities of AI and how it can help streamline processes, improve customer retention, deliver a better customer experience and provide valuable insights.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai adds luxury and elegance to Amistad Partners’ portfolio

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai, the hottest hotel on Palm Jumeirah, is the latest independent hotel to join Amistad Partners, a premier ****** hotel representation company. The lifestyle hotel, described by Arabian Business magazine as having “the swankiest rooftop lounge in Dubai”, offers a unique hospitality experience.

 Set on the renowned Palm Jumeirah island against a breath-taking backdrop of the sea, beach and Dubai skyline, FIVE Palm Jumeirah is a dare-to-be-different hotel that captures the glamour and vibe of the remarkable city.

MICE event planners look to independent hotels in the UK

vent released the findings of its fourth annual ****** Planner Sourcing Report in late July, and some of the data reveal some surprising insights. The report features the results of a survey of nearly 3,000 corporate event planners worldwide about how they source venues and what influences their decision-making.

The ****** meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) industry is a powerful driver of business for the hotel. With an annual ****** growth rate forecasted at 7.5 percent from 2017 to 2023, the MICE industry was valued at $752 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $1.245 trillion in 2023, according to Allied Market Research. By country, the United States generated the highest revenue in the ****** MICE industry, but by region, Europe dominated the ****** market with more than 42 percent market share.

AP Digital – Technology which is integral to the Amistad Partners business


AP Digital is not just a CRM tool, it’s a client portal, agent portal, professional services automation platform, contract manager and a virtual assistant. AP Digital is delivered via a web and app-based experience.

AP Digital is not a bolt-on or after thought, it embodies how Amistad Partners (AP) does business, engages with clients and delivers value.

Our client and agent portals are designed with the captive audience in mind, at AP, we embrace digital transformation, we know and value the importance of transparency and time-critical delivery. Our portals are designed to engage its audience and provide all information or feedback required in real-time. Our digital journey focuses on machine interaction, augmented by our capable resource of individuals delivering value by proactively engaging in client value-add activities.

TripActions: What is it and how will it change corporate travel?

While there have been rumblings about Airbnb’s disruptive impact on the corporate travel market (a topic we will delve into in a later article), we have been paying close attention to another technology company, TripActions. In today’s AP Voice, we examine what TripActions is and how it can be a sales and marketing asset to independent hotels.

Never heard of it? Started in 2015, TripActions describes itself as “a technology-enabled corporate travel management platform that combines data science, user-friendly design, and world-class service, to bring businesses and their employees the most rewarding travel experiences possible.” The start-up boasts that “now, for the first time, businesses can track their travel spends like never before while keeping the focus on employee happiness. So business travel is no longer a pain, it’s a perk.”

The Middle East: How to target Millennials, Generation Z and the Silver Tourist

Today’s AP voice is from our VP of sales for the Middle East and Asia, Zohaib Haider.

Tourists are learning that there is a lot to see in the Middle East. The view from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the architectural beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, swimming in the Dead Sea, wandering around the archaeological city of Petra, just to name a few.