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Amistad Partners and Maesse Lichter Marketing to change the world of representation

Amistad Partners (AP) and Maesse Lichter Marketing based in Cologne have partnered to offer global representation. Maesse Marketing has over 12 years’ experience in the MICE segment in Germany and will be working collaboratively with Amistad Hotel Partners to deliver value to the joint client base and strengthen AP’s corporate and MICE segment in DACH.

Amistad Partners operates in all global markets with a disruptive representation model of engaging strategic partners who are experts in regions or segment, this ensures that clients have the best representation markets have to offer from a talent, expertise and global awareness perspective.

Artificial Intelligence: How can it help your hotel?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. Every week we read reports about the how AI will fundamentally change the nature of work, replacing numerous jobs and leading to the creation of jobs that don’t yet exist. However, for many of us, AI seems to belong to a distant future rather than today’s reality. But independent hotels should be fully cognizant of the capabilities of AI and how it can help streamline processes, improve customer retention, deliver a better customer experience and provide valuable insights.

AP Digital – Technology which is integral to the Amistad Partners business


AP Digital is not just a CRM tool, it’s a client portal, agent portal, professional services automation platform, contract manager and a virtual assistant. AP Digital is delivered via a web and app-based experience.

AP Digital is not a bolt-on or after thought, it embodies how Amistad Partners (AP) does business, engages with clients and delivers value.

Our client and agent portals are designed with the captive audience in mind, at AP, we embrace digital transformation, we know and value the importance of transparency and time-critical delivery. Our portals are designed to engage its audience and provide all information or feedback required in real-time. Our digital journey focuses on machine interaction, augmented by our capable resource of individuals delivering value by proactively engaging in client value-add activities.

TripActions: What is it and how will it change corporate travel?

While there have been rumblings about Airbnb’s disruptive impact on the corporate travel market (a topic we will delve into in a later article), we have been paying close attention to another technology company, TripActions. In today’s AP Voice, we examine what TripActions is and how it can be a sales and marketing asset to independent hotels.

Never heard of it? Started in 2015, TripActions describes itself as “a technology-enabled corporate travel management platform that combines data science, user-friendly design, and world-class service, to bring businesses and their employees the most rewarding travel experiences possible.” The start-up boasts that “now, for the first time, businesses can track their travel spends like never before while keeping the focus on employee happiness. So business travel is no longer a pain, it’s a perk.”

The Middle East: How to target Millennials, Generation Z and the Silver Tourist

Today’s AP voice is from our VP of sales for the Middle East and Asia, Zohaib Haider.

Tourists are learning that there is a lot to see in the Middle East. The view from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the architectural beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, swimming in the Dead Sea, wandering around the archaeological city of Petra, just to name a few.

Boom in Chinese tourism: Trends for 2018 and beyond

Today’s AP voice is from our VP of sales for China, Rachel Mao.

Tourism in China is showing strong growth and is becoming a powerful contributor to the country’s economy. The country expects to receive more than 140 million inbound visits in 2018, higher than the number of inbound tourists in 2017 and 2016.

Independent hotels in China, and their sales and marketing teams in particular, should consider how their hotels can be positioned to attract the interest of inbound travellers.

Top trends in China

North America: Tourism trends for 2018 and beyond

Today’s AP voice is from our VP of sales for North America, Viola Ncube.

The outlook for North America looks incredibly positive, which is sure to result in bountiful opportunities for independent hoteliers in the region.

Despite constant political ups and downs, the US economy remains strong as does Canada’s. While the current administration’s protectionist policies are a concern for worldwide stability and economic growth, the US’s expected growth rate of 2.2% for 2018 is higher than that of many European countries. Canada’s growth is set to outpace the US (at 3.1%), with 15 of 20 major industries all showing a year-on-year increase.

Tourism in the Asia Pacific: What to expect in 2018 and beyond

Today’s AP voice is from our VP of Sales for Asia and the Middle East, Michelle Low.

Unsurprisingly, strong economic growth across the Asia Pacific has gone hand in hand with a significant uptick in tourism, both inter-regional and international. In today’s post, I look at some of the key figures around this uptick and the trends that will continue to drive tourism across the region.

It is difficult to exaggerate the momentum of the economic boom across Asia. The UN reports that Asia is the world’s largest region in economic output, with the region’s gross domestic product surpassing that of the Americas for the first time in history in 2016. Between 2000 and 2016, Asia experienced the fastest economic growth across the world, driven by China and India.

Brazil – Spotlight on the state of business travel

Today’s AP voice is from our VP of sales for Latin America, Cinthya Caggiano.

Most people in the industry had written off Brazil after 2016. After seeing a period of growth, Brazil’s recession and political instability affected not just the domestic business travel market but the international market as well. In its 2018 Global Travel Forecast, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) stated, “This growth has stagnated over the last few years, and Brazil’s business travel market is backsliding and losing much of the momentum gained early in the new millennium.”

Weighing up the Pros and Cons of Soft Brands

Today’s AP voice is from our managing director Beate Christeleit.

At Amistad, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of “soft brands” in the past few years. While there are obvious benefits for independent hotels, it’s worth taking a deeper dive into the benefits and disadvantages and other possible options, such as hotel representation companies.