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Making your home cat-friendly | Cats Best

What does a cat-friendly home look like?

cat-friendly home – yes, there is such a thing – or is that a contradiction in itself?

Our house cats are part of the feline family. Its larger relatives are cheetahs, lions and tigers – predators, and pretty wild at that!

Those who observe cats in the wild will notice this relationship straight away. Roaming through meadows and woods, embarking on unknown paths and discovering secrets – this is the intrinsic nature of cats; when the sun peeks through the trees, with something crackling here, something scurrying over there and the hunting grounds unfolding enticingly ahead. What cat could resist?

How do you get a shy cat to trust you | Nervous Cat | Cat Anxiety

Do you have an anxious cat and want it to become more trusting? 

Well, first things first: You are not alone the issue you are facing is not unusual!

Many cats are shy or nervous and react anxiously in certain situations.

The typical signs of signs of stress in cats are:

shock-induced paralysis
cowering position
tail flat alongside or underneath the body
tail bushy and a tad bent
ruffled fur, standing on end
wide opened eyes
widened pupils
flat, bent ears
rapid breathing
release of urine or faeces

Getting a kitten, The essential guide – Cat’s Best

There ought to be strong warnings in place against kittens!

You only need to pick up that fuzzy ball of fur once – maybe it fits perfectly on your outstretched hand. The tiny kitty is as soft and as light as a feather, and fluffier than anything you have ever known; when the little fellow blinks at you with those bright, over-sized eyes and lets out a penetrating “miaoooow” you have already lost.

Congratulations! You have just decided to share your life with a cat!