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Household & DIY Hand Tools Market: Emerging niche segments and regional markets

Increasing inclination of consumers towards the DIY approach has driven the demand for tools that can help them execute household repairs and works on their own. Available at cheap prices, a wide range of household & DIY hand tools can facilitate several purposes of undertaking common household fixtures and upkeeps. However, growing use of power tools is observed as a key deterrent for the adoption of household & DIY hand tools market. Availability of power tools at affordable prices continues to divert consumers from purchasing household & DIY hand tools.

Household & DIY Hand Tools Market, Industry Analysis,Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2026

By adopting a DIY approach, consumers are executing the common upkeeps of their households through the use of manual tools. Manufacturers of hand tools have been capitalizing on this trend by offering a wide range of household & DIY hand tools. While the demand for household & DIY hand tools gains subtle traction, manufacturers are concerned with the growing market penetration of DIY power tools. Moreover, production of household & DIY hand tools is becoming complex as market players are expected to offer these tools at cheap prices. This has stepped the profit margins for manufacturers, and cost-effective procurement of raw materials continues to curtail large-scale production of household & DIY hand tools.