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Industrial Microbiology Market 2018-2025 Report On Universal Market, Upright And Forecast, By Companies And Applications

Applied Microbiology involves use of microorganisms in various industries, such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, cosmetic industry, food and beverages industry, agriculture and environment, and many others. The use of advanced technology and knowledge about microorganisms in healthcare and environmental issues is of prime importance. In case of pharmaceutical industry the products manufactured using microbiology include amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, nucleotides, antibiotics, insulin and other hormones, polysaccharides, bio surfactants, and hormones. Pharmaceutical microbiological safety, food microbiological safety, cosmetics microbiological safety and contamination control can be assured with the application of microbiology. Application of microorganisms is beneficial as maximum yield of a product can be obtained with the help of customization of the microorganism species such as exposing them to mutagens or by gene amplification. Biomass conversion is another area wherein microorganisms are employed in various processes such as anaerobic digestion, fermentation, pyrolysis, and gasification.