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What is affiliate marketing?

Different forms of online partnerships include link building, affiliate marketing, aggregators such as price comparison sites, online sponsorship and co-branding.

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate form of marketing communications since it is what is know as ‘pay-per-performance marketing’ method and it’s a commision-based arrangement where the merchant only pays when they make the sale or get a lead.


  • SERPs visibility
  • Reach of different audiences
  • Responsiveness to marketplace changes
  • Target generic phrases in SERPs
  • Increase reach in SERPs
  • Generate awareness
  • Diversify risk


  • Incremental profits or sales may be limited
  • Affiliates may exploit your brand name

Ciré offers powerful text messaging solutions for effective follow up marketing


(November 11, 2018): Ciré is a powerful text messaging sales communication platform that can be used by different kinds of business firms. Since most of the consumers love to be texted instead of being called, companies are always looking for a high-quality text messaging solution that can boost their prospects in a highly competitive market. Ciré can serve as the perfect text messaging tool that can help companies to follow-up with their customers and make sure that they are perfectly satisfied with the quality of the products and services that they have to offer.

Storytelling is the new marketing – A blog by The IMPALS

In the world of marketing, big FMCG brands or fashion houses are all that seem to glitter, while manufacturing or B2B industry has always been perceived as dull, boring, dangerous, and unfashionable, often compared with glamorous, behind-the-desk industries.

We say they are all, but myths!

Think of a company that has really changed of how manufacturing is looked at or a brand in B2B industry that has made a real difference in changing our perception of the industry. There are several that come to the mind. Right!

10 Tips to Develop an Awesome B2B Website

Given the extensive online presence of even the not-so-well-known mortar-and-brick stores today, having a website for your business is a must. Though there are a plenty of websites that are available, only certain websites stand out. If you want yours to be one such, do follow these 10 tips:

Passionate Customer Service The Game Changer

From an exhaustive list of words, ‘passionate’ is the most common term attached to customer service. Delivering passionate customer experience is all about how enthusiastic and committed the customer service agent is, immaterial of whether he/she reaches the set goals. The courteousness that comes with customer service can be taught only to a certain limit—the inner fire of having someone’s problems resolved, getting in touch with them to check how satisfied they are with the service they received and being there for the customers at needy times—all these factors are seldom ingrained in passionate people. Finding such rare talents is the real challenge because it will be a game changer both for the organization and the employee.

Rohini jadhav – From Humble Background to Head Turning Quotient

Humble background often turns one into a self-effacing one, but those who it cannot turn; it inspires to make the most out of life. Such a person is an asset to the society at large, and certainly to an organsiation at professional level.

IMPALS is one such organization which encourages true talents and has a perfect amalgamation of talented minds called IMPALSIANS who have their own inspiring stories to come to this far in life.

Keeping this chain of thought in mind, let us give you a glimpse of one of our ever smiling and full of life web developer Rohini Jadhav, a true IMPALSIAN by heart and achievement.

Aakarsh Raj – Determination An Elixir of Life

At just 21, he is the youngest among all the IMPALSIANS, but he is the most sought after team member too! He joined us as an intern three months ago but since then has made such a powerful impact with his work that surprised one and all.

Today we are highlighting the journey of our bright Graphic Design intern Aakarsh Raj.

He hails from Bokaro, in the state of Jharkhand, a 2 hours drive from Ranchi, home to one of India’s most successful captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

How you do make your life wrought?

‘Marks’ in academics can hardly decide what ‘mark’ one leaves to the world! Hard work, commitment, and aim make all the difference. An epitome of hard work, dedication, vision, and leadership who adds a new dimension to entrepreneurship – that’s what best describes Mr. Milind Joshi, the founder of ViewMyRecords.

It was a great opportunity for IMPALSIANS to meet veteran entrepreneur Mr. Milind Joshi who turned up at IMPALS office recently to discuss his latest entrepreneurship venture ViewMyRecords and enriched us with his life lessons and mantra for success.

But before moving onto ViewMyRecords, let’s have look at the illustrious career of a legend in his own field.

What you think you are a multitasking?

This is the story of a starry eyed boy, Kartik Vasoya, who is from the western-most state of this great country. The state is famous for Dhoklas, Gathiyas, Dandiya Raas, and Garba. It has a long-drawn history of producing stalwarts in all walks of life … the great example being our honorable Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi.

Can you fill your life an Inspiration?

Sunil Vasyani, a musafir himself is on an innovative journey to make the lives of musafirs easy, by his startup venture, SirfTaxi. A Sales Professional by profession, he leads his life by the learning of life, especially from his father, who taught him ‘to give’ in life. One of the reasons for leaving his secure and comfortable successful career by venturing into entrepreneurship is to, give the right chance to himself, and work on his ability to create what he may be destined to. His story is different from anyone around us, inspiring, educational, excerpts from his interaction in our Rendezvous event at Impals.