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Is Outsourcing Medical Billing And Coding Benificial?

A good Medical Billing Company will help practices stay in complete control over their cash flow. From improving revenue and offering tangible results to identifying issues and working on them, there are several different ways in which medical billing outsourcing can benefit a medical practice.

Many practices are skeptical of Outsourcing Medical Billing and coding services because they feel they won’t be in control of their revenue cycle.


What they fail to realize is that if they have partnered with a reputed company such as 247MBS, they cannot only get paid faster and boost revenue but also reduce overhead costs and get more time to focus on delivering quality care.

The Leading Providers Of Outsourced Medical Billing- 247 MBS

This is quite a tough question to answer because there are several billing companies doing credible and good quality work across the US. To a great extent, choice of a Medical Billing partner can depend on the requirements of the practice.

However, irrespective of what the practice needs are, it is recommended to hire a billing company that offers customized solutions.

For instance, billing companies like 247MBS offer top-notch, customized solutions to practices of all sizes.

They have a team of experienced billers and coders who are well-trained and certified. It is very important to hire a billing company that has experienced billers who can deliver results.

Common Dental Billing Errors Are Impacting Timely Payments

There are several areas that need to be streamlined in order to run a dental practice without revenue loss. From patient registration, eligibility verification and follow-ups to timely claim submission, denial management, patient scheduling  and claim analysis, everything should be handled well.

Is your dental practice prepared for the complexities of billing and coding?

It is very important to ensure accuracy in coding and billing practices because errors can lead to costly fines and loss of revenue. Be it claims submission or follow-ups with insurance companies for payment, streamlined dental medical billing is vital if you want to stay in business and ensure timely payments.

What is The Best Solution for Radiology Coding Issues?

Coding precision is vital for radiology practices to get paid for rendered services. Since coding inconsistencies are quite common in radiology environments, it becomes necessary to have expert billers and coders working for the practice.

The main reason behind coding inconsistencies is that the professional and technical billing processes don’t often overlap. There are chances a technologist focused on patient care will miss the charge-capture updates that are required for reflecting a change in patient procedures or supplies being used. Even a busy radiologist may interpret an exam using a different procedure name or may not have the necessary documentation for supporting coding for a certain procedure even though it was completed. Due to this disconnect, a greater risk of compliance issue crops up and it leads to under-coded or lost charges.

How Can You Practice Revenue Improve By Medical Billing And Coding Services?

First and foremost, effective medical billing and coding services are required for timely and error-free claim submission. If claims have errors and are not being submitted on time, practices will face huge revenue loss.



With the resources, manpower and infrastructure of reliable medical billing companies such as 247MBS, providers can not only boost revenue but also save time and deliver quality patient care.

When a practice outsources medical billing services, it get access to a dedicated team of revenue cycle experts who work 24/7 to get them paid on time for rendered services and also reduce claim denials.

Why You Should Care about the New Major Changes in Medical Billing?

It was only about 10 minutes into the game when I fell on the soccer pitch this summer and tore a ligament in my knee. My subsequent trip to the hospital garnered me a specific diagnostic code that went to my insurance company. My insurer was then able to see why I sought care and billed accordingly. Despite significant upgrades in medical knowledge and care, the same thing would have happened a decade ago. Those codes have remained largely unchanged for more than 30 years. But soon a big change to that collection of numbers and letters may be making a splash—and should bode well for consumers.

3 Simple Ways for Practices to Boost Collections

Want to run a profitable practice?

Then make sure you are doing something to improve patient collections. According to a survey by the ACA International, approximately 29% of adults have medical debts or difficulty in paying medical bills. It is apparent from this number that timely patient collection is vital if practices don’t want to leave money on the table.

In order to boost collections, there are some physicians out there making drastic changes to non-traditional payment programs.

However, there are several other low-tech ideas that can be implemented for improving billing and collections: