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A hurdle for women to have reproductive healthcare in Malta: Ectopic case

In November 2020, there was a patient who had an experience of a need for treating an ectopic pregnancy, which was shared on the Malta Taboo. It is said that ectopic pregnancy is not possible, and if it is left incomplete then this can be fatal. To treat ectopic pregnancy there are two ways first surgical method involves removing the fallopian tube and the medical way to treat ectopic pregnancy is by administering methotrexate medicine. This medication method is being used by experts since 2018, but still getting a prescribed medication is difficult says the patient, and brings a barrier in for getting treatment in this situation. She told me that this protocol was in a place that needs to represent her case in front of the board for getting a sanction. The process of getting sanction took approx 2 or more than 2 days, wherein time the development of embryo was taking place and was leading to have a risk of bursting and treating itself was becoming less likely to work.