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Retype.biz launches a reward program in a move to motivate the best performing typists at the company

London, UK, 1st Oct 2018 – retype.biz has launched a reward program in a move that is meant to motivate the best performing typist as well as to ensure to improve the quality of services offered by the company. The company stated that they have already informed their experts about this and they are now expecting nothing short of the best from the whole team. This move will go a long way in helping the company to deliver high quality services as the typists will be working hard to get the reward.

Retype.biz confirms that it will launch a new retyping tool that helps customers get revisions automatically

London, UK 5th Sept, 2018 – Retype.biz has said that it has launched a brand new retyping tool that the provider says will be vital in helping clients get automated services in the coming few months. The firm says that the tool is a massive in the use of software to offer retyping help and there is confident it will work very well moving forward.

Retype.biz has been working on this far some months now. The provider notes that the goal so far has always been to make sure that customers are getting the value they need when it comes to retyping and even though it’s a big investment, Retype.biz says that it’s really worth it. You can explore here for more information.