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Dreadlocks Shampoo Specialist Excited About Future in 2018

Dread Lab, a dreadlocks shampoo specialist, has announced their excitement for 2018 and beyond.

Dread Lab is a leading dreadlock care and maintenance specialist company operating online and catering to clients throughout the Untied Kingdom. This established, Lincoln, United Kingdom based company is the brain child of Lloyd Matuszewsky, who found it almost impossible to find top quality products to care and maintain his dreadlocks.

Leading Online Supplier advises that they add to their already impressive Range of Dreadlocks Spray all the Time

Dread Lab ensures they have the best choices for their customers all the time

Well-known supplier of a range of products for the dreadlocks enthusiast Dread Lab has become known as one of the top UK companies to distribute locks, extensions, shampoos and sprays to provide their existing and ever growing client base with high quality products.

Dread Lab Announce New Range Of Synthetic Dreadlocks In A Range Of New Colours


Business specialising in dreadlock extensions and accessories stocks the latest in synthetic dreadlocks for extension lovers

Dread Lab was set up in 2015 when the owner struggled to find the products he needed nationally. At that stage, importing for personal use became a thriving business, and a relief for dreadlock fans who couldn’t find the accessories and care products they needed.

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new stock of synthetic dreadlock extensions, which come in a variety of colours and two length sizes. These synthetic dreadlocks can be either single or double sided, and come in 25cm or 45 cm. The average width is 0.5-0.75mm wide.

Tough And Durable Custom-Made Shower Cap For Dreadlocks Or Braids Now Available

Specialised business for dreadlock accessories has had shower caps designed for even the heaviest head of locks, or dreadlocks.

When a business is set up because its founder couldn’t find the products or service at home, or even nationally, it tells you that it is a passion, as well as a convenient service.

This is how Dread Lab was set up. Its founder had to import the items that he’d searched for to no avail back home.

Large Swim Caps from Dread Lab more popular in Spring of 2018 than ever before

Leading online provider of all dread locks and care products advises that they are busier than ever before

Dread Lab is a leading online marketer of a great choice of dread locks and accessories that the enthusiast needs to complement their locs. They have been in business for a few years an offer great products and fast, effective service.

They are known for their fast turnaround and quick reaction when customers contact them. The company is always ready to answer questions and take orders from customers throughout the UK, as well as from other parts of the world.

Dread Lab keeps on adding to their Selection of Dreadlock Accessories to offer a greater Choice in 2018

Well-known online provider of quality dreadlocks and accessories says they are constantly adding to their already impressive choices

Dread Lab has made a name for themselves in a few short years as being the number 1 choice for many dreadlock enthusiasts all over the UK and beyond.

Their customers regularly mention the great selections, extensive choices, affordable locs and accessories and the speedy service they have come to expect as the norm when they deal with Dread Lab. Their choices are impressive and therefore their customers are happy to refer their friends and other locs enthusiasts to them when they want to buy locs or accessories.

Dread Lab reports great Growth and special Interest in their Dreadlock Extensions at the Start of Q 2 of 2018

Popular online provider of dreadlocks and accessories advises that their products are selling well as spring approaches

Dread Lab has become one of the busiest online UK companies to market a whole range of high quality dreadlocks, dreadlock kits, accessories and extensions.

The firm distributes throughout the UK as well as globally. All UK orders are shipped free of charge via Royal Mail 2nd Class. You may request 1st Class, which is available as a paid service. Orders are dispatched within 1 day of the order having been received.

Swim Caps for Locs from Dread Lab one of the Company’s Best Sellers in early Spring of 2018

Leading online provider of quality swim caps for locs advises that these caps are selling fast

Dread Lab is known as a supplier of high quality products for the owners of locs – or dreadlocks, if you wish. Their products are all carefully sourced from different brands, and they are also known for their own selection of products under the Dread Lab label which is very popular.

Some of these include their double ended synthetic dreadlocks and swim caps, for example. The company is known for the wide range of products they offer as well as for the durability of materials which affords the buyer products that last long when looked after and cared for properly.

Leading Online Supplier of quality Dreadlock Care Products Dread Lab offers a bigger Selection in 2018 than ever before

Dread Lab advises that their range of dreadlock care products is growing all the time

Dread Lab is a UK firm that markets products for owners of dreadlocks throughout the country and globally.

They have become a leading online source of the greatest quality locks and related products for both men and women. Their locks and products are sourced from the best manufacturers and are offered at the most competitive prices. Feedback suggests that clients are very happy with both their products and service and they send their friends and other customers to the firm’s website all the time.

Dread Lab Advises That Their Swim Caps For Locs Are Selling Well In 2018

Leading online marketer of all dreadlocks and accessories says their swim caps remain popular

Dread Lab has been bringing their clients high quality dreadlocks, hair care products and all important accessories very successfully for long enough to understand the clients’ needs and preferences. That is why are able to offer such a great selection of products to suit all tastes and budgets.