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All You Need To Know About Cyberlaw

Cyberlaw refers to the laws that govern the legal use and working of the internet.  Cyberlaw has a unique structure to grapple with the international and ethereal nature of the net.  There is an ongoing debate about whether the internet is ‘regulable’ at all or not, since one school of thought advocates that it is a free space and should be void of restrictions and the other argues that it is regulable and certain bodies of law already exist. Since the internet is not bound by geography, it is not possible to apply any national laws to it. While certain international agreements are in place, some argue that the internet should be allowed to operate as a separate ‘nation’ of its own and self-regulate. Although this is a less distinct field of law as compared to intellectual property law, property law, contract law, and privacy laws, some of the best law schools in India, are ensuring their students are aware of the developments in this field and link it to the subjects of their study.