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Micro Irrigation Systems Market ****** Growth, Trends and Forecast 2024

Recent Developments

Irrigation consists of the provision of water to dry land for the crop cultivation. The micro-irrigation procedure supplies water at different intervals below and above the surface of the soil. Micro-irrigation systems usually stay in medium to sometimes at low-pressure systems, which deliver water in the form of spray, sprinkles, drip, mist, and jet.

Aspects that drive the micro-irrigation systems market are a rise in the requirement for agriculture and food products and an increase in water storage& supply problem.

The high maintenance price and a substantial initial investment of the micro-irrigation system hampering to the growth of the market.

Iprodione Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, And Forecast To 2024


Iprodione is a colorless and odorless crystal and is soluble in water and unique solvents collectively with methanol, ethanol, toluene, acetonitrile, acetone, benzene, and dimethylformamide. Iprodione is a nematicide and hydantoin fungicide that is used within the agriculture commercial industry in the course of several additives of the vicinity. Furthermore, iprodione is like-minded with most other insecticides. Iprodione is carried out in plants which might be stricken by Botrytis bunch rot, Sclerotinia Brown rot and brilliant fungal illnesses in plants.

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Drivers and Restraints:

Leaf Vegetable Seeds Market | Market Data Forecast 2024


Leaf vegetables, also called leafy veggies, salad greens, *** herbs, vegetable greens, or actually veggies, are plant leaves eaten as vegetables in our daily life. Leafy vegetable seeds include spinach, lettuce, and others seeds. With the excessive demand for the leafy veggies, there is huge scope for seeds. Due to the improved technologies and growing studies sports, hybrid leafy greens seeds are being advanced that offers favored traits and products for the plants. Those seeds additionally have higher resistance to bugs and sicknesses and possess an extended shelf lifestyle.

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Drivers and Restraints:

Biofertilizers Market Growth, Trends, And Forecast | Market Data Forecast

Recent Developments

HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited is a pioneer basic technical manufacturer and formulator in crop protection segment. HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited wants to help the ****** farmers for sustainable agriculture practices with advanced technology by investing in its production capacity of 6000 MTA to expand it. The new plant will help in producing next generation biofertilizers (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and PGR (Plant Growth Regulators)). To meet the domestic and ****** requirements and in process to improve few new combinations based on these technologies, HPM is also in a venture of another independent facility for Mancozeb and other dithiocarbamates. While protecting plant, HPM is also aware about plant nutritional products and therefore they got new generation slow release fertilizers as a specialty segment to its brand business. HPM Product basket includes bio-fertilizers; bio-enzymes based formulation, mixture of amino acids and cytokines formulated in advanced technology for efficacious result. This specialty range of products gives surplus support to the farmers when used with other crop-protection chemicals. The Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) of HPM has sanctioned beneficial enzymes which has made healthier crops possible regardless of the weather and soil conditions.

Intelligent Agriculture Market ****** Forecast | Market Data Forecast 2023

Market Overview:

Intelligent agriculture can be defined as a process of performing agricultural activities using advanced technologies. The advanced technologies employed in the agriculture are segregated on the basis of type, software, service, solution, and application. Intelligent agriculture is an innovative way of carrying out farming activities by reducing human efforts and by making maximum use of the available resources. The ****** intelligent agriculture market was worth at around USD 5,098 million in the year 2016 and is estimated to reach approximately USD 15,344 million by the end of 2025 growing at a CAGR of more than 13.09% between 2017 and 2025.

Agricultural Grow Lights Market Growth, Trends, And Forecast (2018 – 2023)

Recent Developments

LumiGrow, Inc. manufactures horticultural LED lighting solutions. The company introduce LED grow lights and SmartPAR wireless control system to set lighting schedules to reach specific lighting requirements, manage multiple zones, and monitor energy usage. The company serves agribusinesses, yield and flower growers, garden centers Agricultural grow lights. LumiGrow LEDs give multi-use utility for the vine crop growers.

In January 2017, LumiGrow Inc. launched its new product named Pro Series E Horticultural lighting solution with the cloud-based wireless control. With the help of SmartPAR Wireless Control system, lighting controlled easily from tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Feed Pelletizing Agents Market | Market Data Forecast 2024

Recent Developments

Feed Pelletizing market mainly driven by the benefits of pelleted feed such as higher feed consumption and weight gain of the animals. Market further extended with more evidences of improved performance of animals due to the pelleted feed. Pelleted feed also proven as easy to digest in different animals as the procedure breaks several long chain molecules.

Transportation and Ease of handling aids the market to raise further. Rising awareness about the effectiveness of product in developing regions has created a chance for the development of the market.

High prices involved in processing the feed to pellet form are obstructing the development of the market.

Fennel Seeds Market Forecasts (2019-2024)

Recent Developments

Fennel is a perennial herb member of parsley family of spices and herbs, which also mentioned as Foeniculum Vulgare. Fennel is cultivated in North America, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Dried fennel seeds using as spices in cuisines internationally and hence rising application in the food industry has expected to increase the market development of fennel seed powder.

The increasing prices of fennel seed are hampering the growth of the market. Also growing instances of unfair trade practices such as adulteration has expected to hinder the market growth.

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Agricultural Films Market Report By Market Data Forecast 2023

Recent Developments

The Dow Chemical Company manufactures and produce chemical materials globally. The company’s principal products include coatings and performance monomers; construction chemicals; impartial silicone and acrylic-based materials; energy solutions, crop protection products; electronics and imaging materials; DOW LDPE 682S is a Low-Density Polyethylene Resins which are more than just general purpose polyethylene resins. They are re-emerging as a valuable product family, combining superior clarity with stiffness and density chosen by converters for down gauging. These range from food packaging structures to Agricultural films and coated paperboards.

Agricultural Biologicals Testing Market By Region – ****** Forecast – 2024

Recent Developments

Novozymes manufacture and sells microorganisms and industrial enzymes worldwide. It Care & Technical, activate in three divisions: Household Care & Technical, Agriculture & Bioenergy, and Food & Beverages. By the Agricultural biological testing.

Monsanto Company and Novozymes developed their new product, which is the corn inoculant Acceleron B-300 SAT. Which mainly Driven from a fungus found in soil, Acceleron B-300 SAT presented a two-year average yield advantage of more than three bushels per acre.

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Market Overview