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The Best Retro Festival in the UK very accessible from London

Only 2 Hours from London for those attending the 2018 Twinwood Festival

The annual Twinwood Vintage Music & Dance Festival draws the crowds from far and wide and ensures a great time is had by all who attend.

Situated just outside Bedford, the festival is within easy reach of most destinations in the UK, and certainly London, from where it is easy and quick to reach the festival that takes place on a weekend in August every year.

Popular festival set to draw the crowds once more

Twinwood Events bringing you one of the Most Popular Vintage Events in the UK during the 2018 August Bank Holiday Weekend

The Twinwood Vintage Music & Dance Festival has become, for many, a happening on the calendar that they refuse to miss. It takes place every year during the August Bank Holiday weekend and has grown tremendously the last few years.

As a typical retro festival, Twinwood is quite unique and offers revellers a great opportunity to travel back in time to a place where Rock and Roll was king and Swing everybody’s favourite sound to dance to.

Twinwood Events Offers Exciting Swing Dance Festival in August 2018

Twinwood Events provides a fun and enjoyable swing dance festival this August in Bedford, United Kingdom.

Twinwood Festival is the leading vintage music and dance festival held in the United Kingdom attracting visitors from around the world who want to take part in this fun and enjoyable three day event. The festival is held in Bedford and runs from the 24 August 2018 to the 27 August 2018.

The event celebrates music, dance and fashion, catering to a host of musical tastes from rock ‘n roll to jazz and more. The event has a big music line up, combined with dance lessons, museums and a host of new artists. In addition to this, the event has it’s own pub which will be selling three local ales.

Celebration of swing booking out fast

Twinwood Festival 2018 proving increasingly popular for vintage fans

The Twinwood Festival has its beginnings in masters of swing, the Glenn Miller Band. The swing festival was first held on 27 August 1944 with a performance by the famous band at the RAF Twinwood Airfield in Clapham, Bedfordshire, England to an audience of RAF personnel. The stage was a flatbed trailer and the seating was a field not far from the Twinwood Control Tower.